Online security is a serious affair, and a lot of users are already compromised. 1Password now features a function to check for stolen passwords.

Users are normally encouraged never to share their account passwords or use the same code for different accounts. However, hackers are always finding new ways of stealing information even from the most secure websites. A lot of people access several online platforms daily without the knowledge that someone else knows their passcode. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a good antivirus software and a password management application for good measure.

A Great Source Of Inspiration

Last year, Troy Hunt, a web security expert, shared a database containing passwords stolen in bulk from several security breaches of different websites. Some of the companies victimized by hackers include Equifax, Yahoo, and Target. This suggests that hackers have access to login credentials and security codes of the affected accounts.

The service allows users to verify if their passwords were part of the massive list of stolen user information from several websites. The service is free and everyone should check to see if they are at risk. Nevertheless, some computers might have keyloggers or malware installed that could reveal sensitive information

How To Check The Account?

Members subscribed to 1Password's service can try the new function to check if their passwords are included in the massive leak. It's worth noting that the feature is not yet final and is just a proof of concept for now. Nevertheless, the final version of the new service might be included in a future update.

To access the trial, subscribers must log in to their account on then select Vault. Once open the user must then click on an item within the window then press Shift+Control+Option+C on MacOS and Shft+Ctrl+Alt+C on Windows.

This enables the concept feature with the "Check Password" button to appear on the screen. After clicking the button, a message prompt will appear on the screen to notify the user if the code matches a copy of the leaked login database. For compromised account details, users should immediately change their existing login credentials and passwords. If it everything is ok then it should be fine to keep the details the same, although it is advisable to change passwords regularly for security purposes.

Other Methods Available

Users not subscribed to 1Password can use the free service offered by In fact, this is the original service that contains all of the listed login credentials that were leaked online.

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