The iPhone X offers the best smartphone camera in the industry, according to new rankings that was recently published by Consumer Reports.

It should be noted, however, that Samsung's latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, are not yet part of the report.

iPhone X Camera Ranked First By Consumer Reports

According to Consumer Reports, the iPhone X rules the rankings for smartphones with the best cameras. Apple actually took the top three, with the iPhone 8 in second place and the iPhone 8 Plus in third place. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ comes in at fourth, followed by the iPhone 7.

Rounding out the bottom half of the top 10 are the iPhone 6s Plus, the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the Galaxy S8 Active.

The iPhone X camera features a pair of 12 MP lenses at the back, with one being an f/1.8 wide-angle lens and the other being an f/2.4 telephoto lens. The lenses combine with the company's own image signal processor, improved color filters, faster autofocus, and optical image stabilization for both lenses to offer what Consumer Reports says is the best camera experience that people can currently get from a smartphone.

It is unclear, however, why the iPhone 8 ranks above the iPhone 8 Plus, considering that the larger model comes with a more advanced camera module. A similar confusion arises from the higher ranking of the iPhone 6s Plus compared to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone X currently sits on top of Consumer Reports' rankings for best smartphone cameras, but it may soon be in danger of losing that spot after the release of the Galaxy S9+ on March 16.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera

Consumer Reports says that the iPhone X camera is the best in the industry, but the camera of the Galaxy S9+ will likely challenge for that distinction.

The Galaxy S9+ has a dual-lens camera system, with the second one also being a telephoto lens that allows taking pictures of distant objects without losing detail or quality. The camera also offers variable apertures, which allows it to adapt "like a human eye," as well as other features such as optical image stabilization and complex image processing.

Consumer Reports vs Apple

Consumer Reports found itself entangled in controversy with Apple over its decision to not recommend the MacBook Pro 2016 due to issues with the computer's battery.

Consumer Reports eventually gave in and issued a recommendation, as Apple pushed really hard for it.

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