We all know that Christmas means more than just the presents, but watching a child's face light up after tearing into wrapping paper is pretty priceless. Every year there are a few must-have toys that fly off the shelves. This year, the hottest toys for little girls are Disney's Frozen items and Barbie. For boys,  legos, cars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise, video games (Xbox One over Playstation 4) and hot wheels were the most popular items.

But even though there is still time for shopping, there are 15 high-demand toys that are already sold out, such as  Disney's Frozen Castle, Max Tow Truck and Ice Palace. Thankfully, there are plenty of more toys to choose from if you aren't able to gift the trendiest toy to your child, niece or nephew. 

But as you start browsing for alternative presents, you sometimes stumble on some rather strange toys that may not be suitable for a child. While they are made with innocent intentions, there is no denying that some of these toys are just plain weird. Check out these hilarious toys that are really being sold right now.

PLAYMOBIL German Police Officer and Bum

If you commonly shop for children, you may have heard of the popular PAYMOBIL line of toys. These toys include figurines, vehicles or houses, depending on the sets. More popular ones include PLAYMOBILE Rescue Ladder Unit, Pirates Ship and Playground Set. But Ellen DeGeneres found this rare addition: a German police officer and bum set that comes with a park bench and booze in paper bag accessory. What better scenario for a child than an alcoholic man getting caught by the cops. Maybe we should reenact the scene from Big Daddy and encourage kids to stick with the Yoo-hoo instead. 

Disney's Rad Repeatin Tarzan

Disney is one of the most popular toy brands, especially when it comes to Frozen merchandise this Christmas. However, if Elsa and Olaf are all sold out, there is always this rare Tarzan action figure that is hilariously inappropriate. Tarzan comes with a button on his back that makes his arm motion in adult ways. This is probably one of the worst toys for a child, but thankfully it was recalled after Mattel caught on that is was not suitable for children. You can still buy this animal of a man toy on eBay or Amazon, and don't worry, he doesn't need Jane. 

Jellyfish Chair

Joining the list of seriously funny inappropriate children's gifts is this "super bouncy" Jellyfish Chair. We all remember wanting a bean bag chair to curl up on in our rooms during sleepovers, but this play on the plush seat is just wrong. Children can bounce on this balance ball that moves in sync with your body. It sounds innocent at first, but just take a look at the video. Enough said.  

Air Shark

Continuing on the under-the-sea theme, this remote-controlled toy could be terrifying for some children. The inflatable Air Shark swims through the air as his tail fins move as if he was in the water. With a mean face and razor sharp teeth, having this toy creep into a child's room could create nightmares for days. Cue the Jaws theme music.

Teeter Popper

Babies loved to be rocked, so why wouldn't children? The Teeter Popper is basically a rocking chair that allows kids to sway back and forth. Imagine the delight of the young child who wanted a skateboard and opens this up to find an epic fail of a present. At least it lets kids stand, sit, rock, tilt, wobble, wiggle, or spin! No skills are needed to rock out on this rocker, but it does improve core strength and balance to start on a fitness regime at an early age.

My Friend Cayla

All girls love Barbie Elsa, but a smart doll sounds like an even better gift for the baby techie. Well that is until we found My Friend Cayla, the epitome of creepy dolls. Cayla is an 18-inch blonde doll that will actually have a conversation with the child. She can answer general questions and uses voice recognition to respond. With her robotic voice and ablity to search the Internet, Cayla is a border line Annabelle.

Breaking Bad Walter White Heisenberg Action Figure

Nothing like the good old fashion child's play of pretending to make drugs. Kids can now channel their inner drug dealer with their very own Walter White set that comes with a meth bag, gun and money.  Toys "R" Us received negative criticism for selling the toy, but the packaging says the Walter White Action Figure is suitable for children ages 15 and up. Still, this toy seems more appropriate for your grown-up family member.

True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer

What better way to teach children to play nice than to gift them a large battle hammer. The True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer is stated to be suitable for children ages three and over, but the hammer is almost two feet high. Not only is it jumbo size for a three-year-old, it also could cause blunt trauma to a kid's head. There might be other ways a child could get their aggression out rather than swinging a hammer against things—and body parts.

Norman & Globus: Bottle Rocket Party

Ring in the New Year with a bang, but if you give this Bottle Rocket Party set, chances are your party could end up in a visit to the ER. Norman & Globus: Bottle Rocket Party set is meant for kids ages eight and older, but why would you give kids toy fireworks anyway? This toy made Consumer Watchdog's 10 worst toys for kids list this year because kids could shoot off the rockets in wrong directions, causing injury. Safety goggles are not included in the kit, even though the company recommends them. We say put safety first and skip this gift.

Let's try to please the children this Christmas and avoid this from happening.

[Photo Credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District/Flcikr]

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