Turbulence Rocks Flight, Makes Almost Everyone On The Airplane Throw Up


A turbulent flight bound to land at Washington Dulles International Airport on Friday morning caused almost everyone on the plane to vomit due to the rough turbulence.

Wind storms have been wreaking havoc throughout the northeast because of a nor'easter hitting the region. The National Weather Service called it a "life and death" situation.

Where Are The Vomit Bags?

Maryland received a high wind warning, and passengers aboard the flight to Washington, DC will no longer forget the words "high winds," especially on board on a plane.

In a flight set to land at Washington Dulles International Airport, everyone on that plane found out how people can get really sick during an extreme turbulence. United Express Flight 3833 took off from Charlottesville, Virginia at 6:30 a.m., according to NBC Washington.

The pilot then reported that almost everyone on the plane threw up due to a bumpy descent. He also said that the pilots almost followed suit.

The bad weather condition that is hitting the east coast of the United States has caused all sorts of problems. It has brought flooding to Massachusetts, wind gusts up to 60 to 70 miles per hour in the Washington, DC area, and heavy snowfall in Pennsylvania.

What Is An Airsickness?

Meanwhile, an airsickness is a motion sickness, which is caused by how motion is experienced in the human body. When the motion that is sensed by the inner ear is different than the motion that is being visualized, it leads to a feeling of uneasiness and dizziness to occur. It's usually followed by nausea and vomiting.

Turbulence can be terrifying when experienced while flying. It makes the plane shake, but it's the movement that is causing the motion sickness that usually ends with almost everyone throwing up.

However, there are specific seats on the plane that are better to sit in than others so as to avoid sickness. Sitting closer to the plane's centers of lift and gravity over the wings is the smoothest place to sit but sitting at the back closest to the plane's tail is the roughest place to be.

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