Do You Snore? Sleep Expert Shares Tips On How To Stop Snoring.


Smartphones aren't the only things keeping people up late at night. More than 66 percent of people in relationships say their partner snores, a new study has found. Making it even more challenging to get the full 8 hours of sleep.

Do You Snore? Sleep Expert Shares Tips On How To Stop Snoring

Barker and Stonehouse, an Independent furniture retailer, studied more than 2,000 people in the UK to see why people aren't getting enough hours of sleep.

The study also found that Brits are not only getting the recommended eight hours of sleep, but 1 out of 5 people say they don't go to sleep until midnight and they wake up at 6.30AM during the work week.

In the study, it was also revealed that the biggest reason why people aren't getting the full 8 hours of sleep each night is that their partner snores.

The study found at least 40 percent of men and 25 percent of females admit they snoring throughout the night.

"First of all, it's important to note that snoring doesn't only affect the partner - it often affects the snorer too," Chris Brantner, a Certified Sleep Science Coach at, told Tech Times.

"Even if it seems the snorer is the one getting all the rest, in many cases the snoring is having a negative impact on the snorer's sleep," said Brantner.

Not only that, snoring can have a negative effect on marriages and sex life. There have been multiple reports of 25 percent of couples sleeping in separate rooms since 2015, which shows snoring can have a negative effect on marriages.

"Couples that don't go to bed together can suffer in terms of intimacy and connection. They often have less time in serious conversation, shared activities, and sex," said Brantner.

One of the biggest reasons why people snore is because they have sleep apnea.

"People with sleep apnea not only snore on a regular basis but they snore loudly. They also will stop breathing and possibly gasp for air," said Brantner.

While Brantner recommends people who snore should see a doctor, we also received some tips on how to stop snoring.

Tips On How To Stop Snoring

Avoid Caffeine 

Brantner highly recommends that people who drink coffee should stop by 2 P.M. Not only does caffeine make it harder to get to a good night sleep, but it also affects the quality of sleep.

Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Try not to drink alcohol a few hours before going to bed. Caffeine may disrupt the first few of hours of sleep, however, alcohol can ruin the second.

Create A Bedtime Routine

It's always good to create a bedtime routine each night. Brantner says it helps if you dim the lights an hour before bed each night and perform a relaxing activity. This could be any activity from yoga, to reading a book, and taking a nice warm bath.

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