After they were teased back in 2013 during PAX Prime, Riot Games hints Pizza Delivery Sivir and Birdio Galio are coming to League of Legends this April Fool's Day.

The game developer apparently teased the new skins on its German Twitter account and showed chicken suit-clad Galio with a pizza delivery driver in the background. Fans quickly pointed out that the driver is noticeably Sivir.

The latter became a popular meme, which the developer seems to have nailed perfectly. The special skins will be available for testing in the Public Beta Environment when the patch version 8.6 comes out.

Another One On the Way

Other than the aforementioned two, Alistar the Minotaur is also slated to receive a new skin called Hextech Alistar. What's interesting about this particular skin is that it is not immediately available for purchase.

Unlike the first two skins, which can be acquired via purchase using the Riot Points, players can only get the skin for Alistar through Mythic Crafting. Gamers are likely going to rely on luck to be able to grab this particular skin for the hero.

Skin Details And Pricing

Just like the ones before, the Birdio Galio and Pizza Delivery Sivir skins for April Fool's Day cost money. Veteran gamers are aware that the cosmetic items do not affect the gameplay. Previous releases were reportedly taken from different memes of the game's heroes.

Pizza Delivery Sivir will cost 1,350 Riot Points and features new textures and character model alongside a pizza crossblade. Visual effects for her Boomerang blade will randomly cycle through different toppings like pepperoni, mushroom with olives, and ham plus pineapples. Sounds effects have been updated along with her recall animation, which is built around her costume's theme.

Next up is the Galio's new skins called Birdio and costs a little cheaper at 975 Riot Points. It has him dressed up like a restaurant mascot. Graphical changes include golden chicken wings while sound effects include more squawks. Model animations during death or dance showcase a chicken dinner.

Origin Of The Delivery Driver

Now that the new cosmetic skins like Birdio Gladio, Hexatec Alisar, and lastly Pizza Delivery Sivir are revealed, some gamers would love to know about the history of how her skin came to be. During PAX Prime in 2013, Riot Games hosted a live art demo based on suggestions made by the player community.

The game studio never confirmed that the special design would make it into the game. Therefore, its inclusion is a wonderful form of fan service from the game developers.

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