Far Cry 5 Short Film 'Inside Edens Gate' Hits Amazon Prime On March 5


Ubisoft gives Far Cry 5 a short film treatment on Amazon Prime titled Inside Eden's Gate. A short trailer shows a glimpse of the backstory.

The live-action movie is expected to come out on March 5 ahead of the game's official launch date of March 27. Gamers can finally take a look at how the Eden's Gate cult rose to power under the leadership of Joseph Seed. The charismatic leader and his followers eventually take over the once peaceful town of Hope County, Montana.

Actors Take The Stage

This is not the first time that Ubisoft used a live-action approach for its open-world game. The developer did the same for Far Cry 3 with the help of Michael Mando, who played the crazed Vaas Montenegro, the secondary antagonist of the franchise's third installment. His character model, also used in-game, is supposedly added for a touch of realism.

In the latest film, cult leader Joseph Seed is played by Greg Byrk both in-game and in the short. Kyle Gallner is also on board as he plays one of the three vloggers who visited the town to investigate some allegations regarding the fanatical doomsday cult.

Short Description And Comparisons

"When rumors of a fanatical cult in Hope County, Montana begin to swirl, three vloggers take it upon themselves to investigate what's really going on. As they track down missing locals and probe into other strange events, they eventually encounter Joseph Seed, the leader of The Project of Eden's Gate cult and the man behind all the unusual activities in Hope County," describes Ubisoft.

The events that will transpire in Inside Eden's Gate will most likely set up some of the key plot points in the game. Sources noted that the Far Cry 5 short film might eventually lead to the arrival of the open-world shooter's protagonist.

Gamers had different reactions when the developer announced the feature to customize the main character. Most fans expected a preset main character just like its past installments, but the change was probably done to make the player's character stand out during multiplayer cooperation gameplay.

Delayed For Quality

Far Cry 5 was originally scheduled to come out on Feb. 27, but Ubisoft supposedly moved it back a month to ensure quality. Gamers criticized past titles released by the game studio due to launch day bugs and problems. Perhaps that developer finally took a cue from Rockstar Games since the latter takes its time to deliver a quality title with little to no problems during launch day.

Users can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime to view the Inside Eden's Gate for free when it comes out in the next few days.

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