Wireless audio devices have been starting to become more popular in recent years and Korean electronics giant LG has jumped on the bandwagon with the NP8740 wireless audio system. 

LG is a veteran when it comes to high-end video and audio systems. The company has consistently released some of the best flat screen TVs around, and LG is set to continue the tradition with the new NP8740.

The NP8740 is a multi-room wireless audio system that can be installed in different areas of a home or office. The audio system can play a song and pipe the audio throughout different rooms. This is something that the average wired audio system could do. However, the NP8740 also has a nifty little trick; it can play a different song for each listening area. This means that daddy can listen to jazz music in his den while junior listens to rock music in his room. And it can do all of these things at a glorious 24 bit/192 KHzTec studio-like audio quality.

In addition to excellent sound quality, the system also comes with two integrated tweeters for additional treble extension. LG will also release a remote app that will allow owners to use their smartphones as a master control remote. Aside from the announced features, LG said the new wireless audio system will allow web streaming, media sharing as well as ports to plug into other audio sources such as mp3 players and turn tables.

Along with the NP8740, LG also announced the NB5540 and the LAB540W. The NB5540 is a great looking LG Sound Bar that boasts 4.1 channel sound and 320 watts of power. On the other hand, the LG LAB540W SoundPlate is a slim format audio system that will look good under any flat screen TV. The Sound Plate is only 39.5mm think but it still packs a punch with 4.1 channel sound and 320 watts of power. To supplement the bass capabilities of the system, an external subwoofer can be connected to the LAB540 Sound Plate. More details about LG's new audio systems will be announced at 2014 International CES that will kick off on Jan. 7 next year.

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