One of the best parts of Instagram is editing your photos with the filters. We all love X-Pro II and LO-FI for making us look tan, and Willow for being the best black and white. Today, Instagram introduced five new filters with its Android and iOS update.

The filters are the first new editions in two years since the photo sharing app rolled out Mayfair and Willow in December of 2012. The five new filters include: Crema, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua, bringing the total amount of filters to 24. Instagram claims the new filters "are our best yet." (Don't believe them? Check out Slumber and Ludwig.) The new filters focus more on making colors pop rather than creating a retro, hipster ambiance.

Removing the hot air balloons, the new update also includes a preview feature in the filter tray so users can see what the photo would look like without having to click on it.

Another new feature to the Instagram update allows users to reorganize filters and hide the ones they don't use. Because who uses Kelvin anyway?

The Facebook-owned company was inspired to add more filters after the recent improvements to smartphone cameras  like the iPhone 6 Plus.

"Photography trends have evolved, and the capabilities of the camera on your phone have vastly improved" the company writes. "We've seen tremendous creativity within the community, not only in the moments they share, but in the time spent carefully composing and editing photos and videos to bring out emotions and make them beautiful."

Instagram also added an update to its comment feature. Now comments will come up in real-time beneath photos the user is looking at.

The upgrade is available today for iOS version 6.4.0 and Android version 6.12.0.

[Photo Credit: José Moutinho/Flickr]

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