The design of Sony's newly revealed head-mounted display resembles the Google Glass more closely than the earlier version known as the SmartEyeglass. Built with a high-res OLED module, the prototype display can show information while it is attached to any type of eyewear.

The early SmartEyeglass version can project basic graphics and text across the lenses, but the latest prototype boasts a powerful display.

"The distinguishing feature of the display is its high-resolution OLED, which allows for a high level of contrast and imagery that can be clearly seen in both indoor and outdoor environments," said a spokesperson for Sony.

Weighing 40 grams, the display is made up of a band that goes around the rear part of the wearer's head. The band is designed with electronics on either arm. There's a control board on the right side that nestles a sensor hub, processor, and WiFi and Bluetooth modules. It also has an accelerometer, electronic compass and a touch sensor to enable the manipulation and selection of the display's contents.

Sony's new color OLED display belongs to the microdisplay genre as it measures at a mere 0.23 inch. This makes it one of the smallest built display in the world. Compared to the Glass' resolution of 640 x 360, Sony's microdisplay boasts a slightly better resolution of 640 x 400 pixels.

Wearing the head-mounted display provides an illusionary viewing experience in the sense that the wearer would feel as if he is looking at a 16-inch display that is two meters away. At this distance, it would mean that the wearer's field of vision is not hindered.

"The SmartEyeglasses are designed to be worn for long periods of time and can be used to read SMS messages," added Sony's spokesperson. The company also said that the recently announced device has been designed for use over shorter periods as the wearer focuses on a different activity.

Sony's prototype version of the new device is scheduled to be shown at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas. Dubbed "SmartEyeglass Attach!" Sony said that it can be used for work, sports and entertainment. With this in mind, the company will provide an SDK to its partner organizations for them to produce whichever type of apps they want.

Sony is yet to reveal other details such as the device's pricing or availability.

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