Far Cry 5 just launched, which Ubisoft apparently thought is a good time to reveal what it's planning for the title.

The game will receive three major expansions that according to Ubisoft, are unlike the typical DLC, which builds upon the main story. Each Far Cry 5 expansion will deviate from the story and will take players to wild new places, but it will still integrate into the Far Cry universe.

"Each expansion feels like something new: you're going to be playing with different features and new toys in uniquely-realised open-world scenarios," said Philip Fournier, associate producer of Ubisoft.

"We've really invested a lot of time and effort into that ensuring these were not simply 're-skins', but that that each represents its own distinct experience."

The three DLCs, titled Hours of Darkness, Dead Living Zombies, and Lost on Mars, were previously outlined as part of the Far Cry 5 Season Pass.

Hours of Darkness will take players to the Vietnam War and yes, it will involve time traveling to the past to fight the Viet Cong. Players will also find themselves traveling through space to fight aliens on Mars in the Lost on Mars DLC. Lastly, Dead Living Zombies will feature the classic zombies as can be easily guessed.

They don't have any correlation to the events in Hope County, but Ubisoft teased that players might come across some characters from the main storyline.

Far Cry Arcade Will Let Players Build Their Own Maps

Fournier also revealed that the DLCs will tie into the evolved Map Editor of the series, now called Far Cry Arcade. He did not elaborate on how the expansions will contribute to the map editor, but he expressed that there's going to be "a lot."

"We can't wait to give players the tools to dream-up crazy new scenarios," he said.

Far Cry Arcade contains familiar assets from Ubisoft titles, which means it also has assets from the Assassin's Creed series, for example. The mode enables players to take these assets and build creative levels and experiences.

Ubisoft intends to fully support the feature for a long time and plans to drop content regularly. With Far Cry Arcade, the gaming company wants players to build crazy scenarios and rules that they can share with the community. Even the developers will get to try what gamers have cooked up.

Far Cry 5 is now available for $60 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. So far, the early reviews are saying good things with the latest title in the long-standing series.

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