The Sony PlayStation VR just got more affordable in the United States and Europe, with bundles now starting at $299.99 after a permanent price cut.

PS VR gaming headsets have sparked plenty of interest since launch, but their steep price tag may have deterred many prospective shoppers. Sony previously offered promotional price cuts that discounted bundles for a limited time, going as low as $200, but so far it didn't go beyond temporary deals.

PlayStation VR Bundles Get Permanent Price Cuts

For those who have so far been put off by the prices of various PS VR bundles, Sony now has good news. Two attractive bundles are now $100 cheaper than they used to be, and the discounts are here to stay.

The company has decided to permanently discount bundles in the United States and Europe, dropping the price of the PlayStation VR Doom bundle at $299.99. This bundle includes the PS VR headset itself, as well as the PlayStation Camera, the PS VR Demo Disc 2.0, and the Doom VFR game on a Blu-ray disc. This bundle previously cost $399.99.

A slightly more expensive bundle, meanwhile, is the PlayStation VR Skyrim one, which will retail for $349.99 after the $100 price cut. This bundle includes the PS VR headset itself, the PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, the PS VR Demo Disc 2.0, and, of course, the Skyrim VR game complete with all of the official add-ons enriching the core experience.

PS VR Bundles Availability

Both bundles will become available at the new price points, $100 less than their previous MSRP, starting on Thursday, March 29.

For European customers, Sony is slashing the price of the Starter Bundle, which will be available for €299.99. This bundle comes with a download code for PlayStation VR Worlds, in addition to the PS VR headset and the PlayStation Camera.

The latest discounts may not be as heavy as the previous temporary deals, but at least they don't expire after a while. Moreover, it seems that the bundles for the United States come with the PS VR headset refresh, which sports a new processor unit and a sleeker design.

For now, it remains unclear whether the European bundles also include the refreshed PS VR headset, or the original model. Just to be clear, potential customers might want to ask which model is included in the bundle they're interested in.

Sony will also discount PS VR bundles in New Zealand and Australia starting Monday, April 2. For more information on the PlayStation VR and what it brings to the table, head over to the official product page.

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