The highly anticipated Spider-Man by Insomniac Games finally has a release date, with the game swinging to the PlayStation 4 on Sept. 7.

The special editions for the PlayStation 4 exclusive have also been announced, along with the bonuses that fans of the wall-crawling, web-slinging Marvel superhero will get if they preorder the game.

'Spider-Man' PS4 To Launch On Sept. 7

Ever since Insomniac Games unveiled the Spider-Man trailer at E3 2016, gamers have been looking forward to Marvel's response to DC's Batman: Arkham franchise on the Xbox One.

Now, almost two years later, the release date for the PlayStation 4 exclusive has finally been revealed to be Sept. 7, which is five months away. Insomniac Games announced the Spider-Man launch date through a post on the official PlayStation Blog, where the final box art for the game was also revealed.

Insomniac Games noted that there will be much more information on Spider-Man in the upcoming May issue of Game Informer. The video that announced the magazine's exclusive coverage of Spider-Man, meanwhile, showcased more gameplay snippets that now have gamers drooling over the possibilities of Spidey in an open-world environment.

'Spider-Man' PS4 Special Editions

In addition to the standard edition of Spider-Man, which will cost $59.99, Insomniac Games also revealed that there will be a Digital Deluxe Edition and a Collection's Edition for the game.

The Digital Deluxe Edition will include access to the planned post-launch DLC series of three chapters, titled Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. It is now up for preorders at $79.99. Meanwhile, the Collector's Edition will include all the contents of the Digital Deluxe Edition, plus a steelbook case, a mini artbook, and a Spider-Man statue. The building that Spidey is perching on is still a secret due to spoilers, but it will be shown off by the summer.

Gamers can now preorder Spider-Man and its Digital Deluxe Edition through the PlayStation Store. Customers who preorder any version of the game will receive a Spidey Suit pack of three suits, a Spider-Drone gadget, a PlayStation Network avatar, an original PlayStation 4 theme, and extra skill points. Meanwhile, customers who preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive a limited edition collective pin in the mail, but only for customers in the United States and Canada.

Will Insomniac Games Bring 'Spider-Man' To The Xbox One?

Spider-Man looks like it will be a great game, adding to the ever-growing list of PlayStation 4 exclusives that Xbox One owners can only hope for.

When Insomniac Games was asked whether there was a possibility that Spider-Man would come to the Xbox One, the developer had a short and definitive answer.

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