As news continues to break regarding the Sony hack cyber terrorism threats, Madonna took to her social media accounts on Wednesday to express herself, lashing out on the hackers who leaked her latest album.

Eleven new songs from the pop icon's upcoming, untitled album were leaked earlier this week, and the Material Girl isn't happy about it. After the news exploded on Twitter, Madge began venting her frustration on social media.

"This is artistic rape!! These are early leaked demos, half of which won't even make it on my album," Madonna posted on her Instagram.

She claims the leak included unfinished demos and blasted the hackers,  saying it was a "form of terrorism" because it "destroys the artistic process."

"Why steal? Why not give me the opportunity to finish and give you my very best," she asked.

The rant caused Twitter users to slam Madonna for comparing the early release of her music to "a form of terrorism."

Madonna has since deleted the post.

Instead, she then posted a fierce photo of herself intensely staring into the camera lens with a mischievously sexy look. In the post, she thanks fans for their loyalty to her.

The official title of the 2015 album is rumored to be called Unapologetic Bitch or Iconic. Both seem fitting, but the release date is still unknown.

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