Nintendo Switch Accessories Will Soon Become Even More Interesting


The Nintendo Labo cardboard accessories for the Nintendo Switch are interesting and innovative, and more of such hardware and software add-ons may be coming soon to the hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch was recently crowned as the fastest-selling console in the United States, driven by its games line-up and portability. However, it looks like there is much more to come for the hybrid console, which remains very popular as it enters its second year in the market.

Nintendo Seeks Ideas For Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo entered a partnership with Scrum Ventures, as the company looks for ideas on new ways for playing or using the Nintendo Switch.

Scrum will be looking for startup companies, teams within bigger companies, or university researchers who are developing new add-ons for the Nintendo Switch, including accessories, sensors, chips, and other add-ons. Hardware and software are included, but not game concepts.

Nintendo and Scrum will provide selected teams with assistance to bring their products to the market, but the two companies will not be directly investing in them. Scrum will develop the ideas with the teams before they pitch them to Nintendo in the fall.

In considering ideas from startups, Scrum will look at how the advanced the technology is, and how much creativity it will add to the Nintendo Switch. According to Scrum, the goal will be to "develop technology collaborations that surprise and delight users."

For Nintendo, this is a non-traditional way of seeking ideas, which is actually a perfect fit for the non-traditional console. Nintendo is moving away from entering partnerships with established hardware manufacturers, with the company possibly incorporating the technology from the startups into its products. Nintendo may even release the startup's ideas under its brand.

"We are always exploring ways to evolve entertainment," said Nintendo senior executive officer Ko Shiota, as the company further dives into experimentation for the Nintendo Switch and its future.

More Nintendo Switch Accessories Like Nintendo Labo

A part of the Nintendo Switch success is its innovation and uniqueness, compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is further exemplified by the Nintendo Labo, the cardboard accessories that will launch on April 20.

At first glance, the Nintendo Labo cardboard accessories may be considered both innovative and expensive, which, ironically, were also the first descriptions for the Nintendo Switch when it had been announced. However, Nintendo Switch has started warming up to the idea, especially after Nintendo gave closer looks at what the cardboard accessories were capable of.

With Scrum hunting for new ideas for Nintendo, Nintendo Switch accessories that are even more amazing than the Nintendo Labo may be coming soon.

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