Nintendo Labo Explained: New Trailers Give Closer Look At The Cardboard Accessories


Last month, Switch gamers were caught off guard by Nintendo's announcement about Labo. However, there were no in-depth details about the cardboard accessories.

The company was able to showcase some of Labo's features in short clips and small interviews. Now, the official website for the cardboard add-ons posted two comprehensive overview videos showcasing some functions of each accessory. It also reveals more about the impressive robot accessory kit, which seems like every kid's dream come true.

Variety And Robot Kit

The first one featured is the package with five unique Toy-Cons. Each box comes with the software for each item. There is a fishing rod assembly, a motorbike kit, a piano kit, a house kit, and an RC car kit that uses both Joy-Cons.

The other one is the package containing a single accessory with different parts. Minor assembly is required, but the end product looks like a backpack with control extension for the arms and the legs of the on-screen robot.

RC Car And Fishing Rod Toy-Con

The remote-controlled accessory comes with a cardboard cutout of what looks like a small insect. The two Joy-Cons can be connected to each side and controlled via Nintendo Switch's touch screen. With another pair of controllers, users can play robot sumo against another player.

Gamers who want a quick and fun fishing experience can assemble the fishing rod which allows the two controllers to function as the rod and reel while connected to the screen that shows different kinds of fish. Players can create their own fish and everything caught can be viewed in the aquarium mode via the piano kit assembly.

Toy-Con House and Piano

For more passive gameplay, the house accessory allows gamers to interact with a cute creature that lives inside. Various buttons can be inserted into different slots of the house that can interact with the mysterious inhabitant. Some combinations result in interactive mini-games.

The piano is probably the most straightforward Toy-Con. It allows users to play tunes using replica keys just like on a piano. Different knobs change the sound effects and even allow users to output the audio via the other Joy-Con through vibrations. Its versatility allows gamers to create their own songs, adjust the sound output, and playback a recording, which can be controlled using the baton attachment.

Toy-Con Motorbike And Toy-Con Robot

This accessory uses both Joy-Con controllers and the display to simulate a motorcycle arcade game. Players can speed up by turning the throttle and steer just like in real life. Using the infrared sensor on one of the controllers can scan different objects and turn them into the terrain. Meanwhile, another accessory allows the user to create tracks by movements made in the air.

The final Toy-Con for the Nintendo Switch is the robot accessory. This gives players full control of the on-screen robot, which can punch, fly, transform into a car, and more. Two players can battle each other using two robot kits. The mini-games help users learn new moves and gain better control of their giant hero. Nintendo Labo will launch on April 20 at $69.99 for the Variety kit and $79.99 for the Robot kit.

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