In documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission, Apple stated that it designed a gold iPhone X that still hasn't been released. Apple filed the document in September 2017 and has been mum on releasing more versions of the iPhone X.

It still isn't clear whether Apple will release this version of the phone.

Gold iPhone X

In the filling, Apple included pictures of the iPhone X, showing that there were at least one of the phones produced for the photos. Pictures of the phone feature a ruler that is given to show the scale of iPhone X size. The filing shows different angles on the iPhone X, including the back, the sides, the bottom, and the screen of the phone.

This gold color could be the same one that was used for the gold iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Documents show that Apple began work on this filing in July, which shows that work was already being done on a gold iPhone before the reveal of the product. Photos and documents have only surfaced recently because of the six-month confidentially clause associated with filings to the FCC.

Macrumors says that Apple may have had problems manufacturing the iPhone X in gold but adds that this may be a ploy by Apple to increase the disappointing sales numbers of the iPhone X.

Apple will be releasing a red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

No Leaks

While this new information about the iPhone X may not be a leak, Apple has been dealing with rumors regarding its products in recent history. Details about the specifications of the iPhone X were leaked before the phone was unveiled. Apple is now fighting back against employees that are leaking company information.

Apple sent a memo to its employees, saying that anyone who is caught leaking will face criminal charges for the offense. In a twist, the memo was leaked and obtained by Bloomberg. Apple doesn't mince words and realizes that sometimes, this information isn't given away intentionally with the hope of releasing rumors about confidential products.

It warns employees that in 2017, the company caught 29 leakers. It also references employees that were caught leaking information about the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and AirPods to 9to5Mac. At the end of the letter, Apple says that leaking information can ruin people's lives. It adds that not only do some people lose their jobs but that they may also face jail time or fines due to leaking.

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