Halo Pro Player's Controller Disconnects During Match In $1M Tournament


Team Reciprocity had been battling with the elite Halo eSports group Team Envy when a member's controller disconnected, forsaking their chance at the top 3 spot.

Team Reciprocity Loses Due To Controller Malfunction

Team Envy was leading 3-1 when the veteran-filled team won the next two matches to force the deciding map 7. During the match, player Tyler "Spartan" Ganza and his team were on a kill streak, which would have sealed their victory had it only continued. He was on his way to collect camo when a once-in-a-lifetime accident had ruined their chance: Ganza's Xbox controller disconnected.

Although Team Reciprocity was ahead in kills, Ganza's absence was enough for the other team to catch up. The Halo pro player got himself killed in the game, and the whole team lost its momentum.

The match ended in Team Envy's favor, ending the series with a 4-3 score. Envy took the top 3 spot, and Reciprocity settled on the fourth place.

Halo pro player Justin "Pistola" Deese expressed his sympathy over the incident.

"I feel really bad for them, because of the disconnected controller, but I don't know what to do about that," he said in the post-match interview.

Adam Apicella, the head of event organization, also put in his two cents, saying that the player is the one who's responsible for his equipment. He also said that malfunctions like these do not warrant a replay.

Apart from bragging rights, Team Reciprocity lost the chance at the $1 million prize of the world championship match. The team would have also gone home with a $100,000 prize, nevertheless, they went home with $50,000.

Team Splyce Is 2018 'Halo' World Champion

Meanwhile, the Halo teams Splyce and Tox battled it out in Seattle, WA for the grand prize. The series was a little uneventful with Splyce winning four times in a row. The third match was the only one where Tox had stood a chance, but the 2018 winner took it away too.

The championship bracket began for Splyce when it had defeated Team Infused and Team Envy. It then faced Tox in the winners' grand finals, beating them 4-1.

Tox persevered through the losers' finals, beating Team Envy and earning the chance to face Splyce once again. However, as evidently shown by how the latter had dominated the entire world championship, Tox was not ready to be dubbed the best team on the planet just yet.

With the win against Tox, Splyce took home half of the $1 million prize pool and solidified their status as the best Halo pro team in the world. Still, Tox was able to reach the grand finals three times and that counts as something in the Halo World Championship event.

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