The Galaxy S iteration of Samsung is known for having a build made entirely of plastic. However, the upcoming Galaxy S6 may just break that tradition as it is said to have a shell that will be based on aluminum. Moreover, the device is rumored to come with a curved design.

Compared to the harsher curve of the Galaxy Note Edge, the S6 model is said to have a subtle version. This means that the new Galaxy S smartphone may just be easier to grip with one's hands.

Fans of Samsung can expect a number of changes in the latest Galaxy S device. The company has been hard at work on its next flagship and hopes that the device can help them recover from the Galaxy S5's lack of sales.

Unlike the Galaxy Note 4, which came in variants, the Galaxy S6 doesn't seem like it will have a "normal" and an "EDGE" version. However, it will have a so-called double version when it comes to the processor used. These would be Samsung's own Exynos 7 and the new 64-bit Qualcomm S810.

In the past, Samsung released devices often with two variants. One device would cater mainly to U.S. customers while the other would be referred to as an "international" version.

Samsung has also released other notable devices that carried designs that are uniquely their own. One example is the Galaxy Alpha, which for the first time had been designed with a frame that is made entirely of aluminum. Another notable device is the Galaxy Note EDGE, which spearheaded the curved display on the device's right side. Finally, the Galaxy A is known for having a shell made entirely of aluminum.

All of the features found in the above-mentioned devices could just be included in the new "flagship" device of Samsung.

Traditionally, Samsung would launch a new Galaxy phone at an exclusive event. Last year's launch of the Galaxy S5 had been different as it was launched during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a low-key event.

Reports say that Samsung could launch its next flagship device in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The company may even launch the device a little bit earlier just to stay ahead of the competition.

Whatever Samsung decides on in the end, there's no doubt that the Galaxy S6 may just be the most anticipated device that the company has yet to launch. It remains to be seen whether it will be a strong contender to both the Galaxy S lineup and to the other huge names in the smartphone industry.

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