Russia Demands Apple And Google To Eliminate Telegram App From Stores


The Russian government is flexing its muscles when it comes to the Telegram app. It has demanded that two top software companies eliminate the app.

No Telegram For Russia

After Telegram's developers, Pavel and Nikolai Durov, denied the government access to the application's encryption technology, the Russian government started to crack down on the app. It has asked both Apple and Google to pull the messaging app from their respective stores.

16 Million IP Problems

In addition to the Russian government closing in on Telegram, Bleeping Computer reported that the Roskomnadzor, the Russian government's watchdog agency of all things telecommunications, has removed over 16 million IP addresses.

This sudden elimination of IP addresses might have been from Telegram's decision to move their services over to Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud servers. Many Telegram supporters have criticized the Russian government's decision to target the app on social media.

All About Telegram

Telegram is a free app that is primarily used by both iOS and Android users to send private messages to each other. It also allows the user to store various information in their cloud.

Also, Telegram has the capabilities for users to encrypt their personal and business information and enables the users to destroy their messages with a timer. On March 22, Telegram revealed that it has over 200 million users. Telegram was launched in 2013 and it can be used for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone users.

Telegram In The News

In addition to the Russian government's request to Apple and Google to remove Telegram from their respective software, the app found themselves in the news for several significant stories. Thanks to a glitch, hackers and malicious users decided to take the opportunity send malware across the app and even get the chance to manipulate several cryptocurrency apps such as Fantomcoin and Z Cash. However, security firm Kaspersky Lab was able to stop them. It was reported that the hackers, which were linked to a Russian cybercriminal group, started doing this in March 2017.

In February, Telegram was briefly missing from the Apple App Store. Durov stated on social media that the app was removed from Apple after the tech company informed Telegram that their app had inappropriate content. Durov noted that once Telegram had proper security measures installed on its product, Apple would once again offer it to iPhone users. On Feb. 1, 2018, Durov took to Twitter again to reveal that Telegram was back in the App Store.

Tech Times contacted Telegram for a comment.

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