The carcass of a mysterious creature with pointy teeth and sharp claws has been washed up on a California beach, leaving residents baffled about the identity of the animal.

The hairless creature is brownish in color and was found near a drain washout on a Santa Barbara beach after the latest storm. No other similar creature was found in the area.

"I'd say it looks like a combination of a seal and a dog with fangs, dried up, potentially," noted one of the residents of the area where the creature was found.

The mystery creature brings back the memories of other creatures that were found in other parts of the country.

In July 2008, the carcass of a mysterious animal landed on the beach of Montauk, New York. The animal was given the name of "Montauk Monster," and was thought to be a raccoon by some experts; however, the identity of the animal remains a question of debate and controversy even today. It is also still unknown on what happened to the carcass of the Montauk Monster.

In March 2011, a student discovered an unidentified and odd-looking creature in Northville, New York. The student revealed that the carcass resembled to that of the Montauk Monster.

A creature similar to the Montauk Monster was also found beneath the Brooklyn Bridge in July 2012. The creature found in the East River, New York City was dubbed "East River Monster." However, the Parks Department revealed that they identified the creature as a pig carcass and disposed it.

In June 2012, Josh Menard, a snowboarder from Lake Tahoe, found a carcass of a similar looking mysterious creature in San Diego.

The 19-year-old Menard described the animal to be about 2 feet long. He also said that the unidentified creature had a fat belly that resembled to a pig. However, the teeth of the animal were ridiculously large and did not match that of a pig.

Peter Bailey of Tenby's South Beach also came across an unidentified animal in February 2013, which has close resemblance to the latest carcass found in Santa Barbara. Bailey said that the creature had the claws of a bear and body that resembled of a pig. He said that the carcass did not smell. The mysterious creature was later dubbed "Beast of Tenby."

Even though there have been several sightings of such unknown animals, no one has an answer about the identity of the creatures and from where they are coming.

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