Platinum Games Is Bringing The Action To Mobile Devices With 'World Of Demons'


PlatinumGames, the game developer behind Nier: Automata, is venturing into the mobile scene with its first free-to-play action game World of Demons. 

Its 10 years of existence focuses on action games and it is doing a pretty good job at that. Now, the studio is taking its forte to mobile phones with World of Demons in collaboration with DeNA.

The game has already been in development for three years, during which, Platinum has notably worked to make the mobile experience better and satisfy fans' expectations from a smartphone video game.

Andrew Szymanski, DeNA's producer, said he wants to bring a hack-and-slash title to smartphones because he feels that such devices should have games such as Devil May Cry and God of War.

World Of Demons Battle Experience

PlatinumGames's experience and skills shine through the game, although, World of Demons is designed for touch-screen phones rather than consoles. The development company's previous titles had some cool offense tactics that encouraged players to calculate their every move.

However, some of these tactics cannot translate to devices with a touch input, compromising some autonomy in battles. The game cannot recreate a Bayonetta ­experience, however, it makes up for it with a 360-degree battlefield that scatters the enemies around the characters, forcing players to cook up some strategy on how to keep them in view at all times.

It is fairly unforgiving to newcomers as well.

"It is designed so that when you're just starting out -- no matter how skilled you are -- you're not going to be able to clear everything," said Kento Kayama, co-director and lead designer of World of Demons. "Part of it is powering yourself and your yokai up to the point where you can take on these bigger challenges."

The Game Story And Availability

World of Demons is set in Ancient Japan where yokai (demons) from the myths and folklore roam. There are enemies and there is friendly yokai that the character can summon as his helper against the bad ones.

The game puts players in the role of Onimaru, a wandering samurai who is tasked to defeat the demon king. Players can either play the Way of the Warrior story mode, which progresses the narrative, and the Way of the Demon mode, which challenges players with timed missions to get rewards.

World of Demons will be available on Android and iOS in summer. The exact release date, however, has to be revealed yet.

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