Samsung and PayPal first announced a partnership last year and now, it's finally happening. Samsung Pay users can make purchases and other transactions using their PayPal balance.

Nearly one year later, the PayPal integration is finally rolling out to Samsung Pay, bringing a number of benefits to make things easier for mobile users. It's worth pointing out that the update comes in stages, so it might take a while to reach all eligible devices.

"Today, we have begun rolling out the ability for consumers to use PayPal within Samsung Pay and make purchases at the millions of retailers that accept Samsung Pay," says PayPal.

"Samsung Pay users can load their PayPal account with the debit card or bank account found in their PayPal Wallet for use in-store - all while continuing to earn Samsung Rewards points. It's convenient for consumers because Samsung Pay works with both NFC and MST-that is, it works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap a card."

How To Use PayPal With Samsung Pay

Using PayPal within Samsung Pay is pretty easy and straightforward. First of all, open the Samsung Pay app and tap Wallet. From there on, tap the "+" icon at the upper right corner and you'll see an option to "Add payment card section," where you can select "Add PayPal."

Those who have enabled One Touch are set, while those who do not will have to enter the credentials for their account. Authorizing Samsung Pay to tap your PayPal takes just a few seconds.

Once that's done, tap "Next" and proceed to set a PIN code to secure future in-store purchases with PayPal. Lastly, choose an alternate source to fund purchases if your PayPal balance is low, and tap "Agree & Continue."

Top Up Your PayPal Account

That's it. Your PayPal account is now linked to your Samsung Pay account and you will be able to easily make payments and other transactions using your PayPal balance. You also need to confirm the amount to top up your PayPal account from the alternate payment source, and it seems that options range between $10 and $50. If your PayPal account runs dry in the middle of a purchase, Samsung Pay will use that payment source to fund the difference.

In terms of security, PayPal highlights that it represents users' account information through a virtual account number rather than sharing users' actual payment details with merchants.

Have you received the Samsung Pay update that adds PayPal integration? If so, will you take advantage of this option? Let us know in the comments section below.

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