There's good news for users of Google app as Android Pay has been updated to version 1.13. With PayPal and Visa Checkout support added by the update, the mobile payment system has become even more user friendly.

A recent APK teardown reveals the prospective facilities that the update to Android Pay has brought with it this time.

As digital modes of payment are becoming quite viable among users, these apps are receiving their due popularity. According to the changes made, Android Pay will allow its users the ability to support the Visa Checkout option and also add PayPal cards.

Till now, the Android Pay app has been progressing quite well. With the upcoming upgrades, it is expected to support new banks and card types. It is expected to be available to a few more countries for facilitating smoother digital payments.

PayPal Support

Android devices will begin receiving PayPal support soon but that is not all as Discover will be assisting in generating the account numbers virtually while the payment process takes place.

This is possible based on the agreement signed between PayPal and Discover. This deal, which was established in 2012, mentioned that Discover cards shall be accepted at PayPal terminals, and similarly PayPal transactions would be routed via Discover networks.

Another significant point of this agreement was that PayPal users would be able to get direct access to the token service of Discover.

Visa Checkout

In Visa Checkout, the payment can be made without providing a card number to the website. Google announced its partnership with MasterPass and Visa Checkout in October 2016.

This move led to an estimation that both the services shall be available from the beginning of this year. Three weeks down the line, things are well underway with Visa Checkout but there is no word on MasterPass's availability yet.


The use of credit card numbers by Android Pay and Visa Checkout is usually avoided, making the process quite safe. Both the mobile wallet systems generally include independent payment tokens for single users. So while this collaboration may appear redundant, it is expected that Android Pay and Visa Checkout will benefit a lot from each other.

Thanks to the collaboration, Android Pay will deliver the system with the required personal information and Visa Checkout will be solely responsible for making the allotted payments. In addition to this, Android Pay will be responsible for securing the information shared by users.

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