Victoria Snell was enjoying her day after watching a movie when an accident occurred that changed her life forever. Snell snapped her leg on the pavement while leaving the theater and reportedly never fully recovered.

The accident occurred nearly six years ago and after multiple visits to the hospital, Snell couldn't bear the pain anymore. The young woman made the decision to have her leg amputated after being in pain for too long and claims that since she cut her leg off, she's gotten her life back.

Victoria's Story

The 26-year-old shared that when the incident occurred, she thought that she had simply sprained her ankle and continued to walk, but the pain continued to progress. Snell stated that she didn't fall or walk into anything even though she admitted she was a "clumsy" person. Her leg just snapped.

Snell continued that she was in the hospital for a week and she left assuming all was well. It wasn't until two years later that Snell had to get her first surgery done on her injured leg. She stated that she had to receive four surgeries on her fractured leg that included having several bone grafts and metal plates, but nothing helped. Snell stated that instead of having a fifth operation done, she decided to cut her leg off, which she claimed was a "horrible but, easy" decision. 

Snell got her leg amputated in December 2017 and since then has felt that she has regained her life after making the decision.

Why It Was The Right Choice

A Manchester resident, Snell works in customer service. She said that she wasn't able to live her life as a normal 20-year-old due to her fractured leg and having to spend majority of her time in hospitals. When she decided to have her leg removed, she had the full support of her friends and family, who even threw her an "amputation" party in honor of her choice.

Snell now uses her prosthetic leg to get around, which she claimed is much better for her. 

"I've had my prosthetic on for a couple of months and I'm getting around. I haven't used my wheel chair in like seven months. It's liberating, empowering, it's giving me my life back. I was back at work after eight weeks," she stated

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