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Warner Bros. Studios Releases New Images From 'Godzilla: King Of The Monsters'

Warner Bros. Studios and Legendary Entertainment released new images for the upcoming film, 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'. The film stars Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown.

Movies/TV Shows July 13, 2018

Pregnant Millennial Women Have A 50 Percent Higher Chance Of Suffering From Depression Than Their Mothers

Pregnant millennial women are more likely to suffer from depression than their mothers did, a new study found. The research suggested that social media and social changes were to blame.

Public Health July 13, 2018

Eating Fruits And Vegetables Could Reduce Symptoms Of Asthma, New Study Claims

A new study conducted by French researchers claimed that maintaining a healthy diet of fruits and vegetable lessen the symptoms of asthma. The study was published in the European Respiratory Journal.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 13, 2018

Bride Sues Wedding Reception Caterer After 100 Guests Became Violently Ill Due To Food Poisoning

A bride is suing the catering company that served food at her wedding in 2015. The woman claimed at least 100 of her guests became violently ill and 22 of them had to be hospitalized.

Public Health July 13, 2018

Consuming High Saturated Dairy Products Reduces A Person's Risk Of Dying From Stroke By 42 Percent

Researchers suggested that eating dairy products that are high in saturated fats is better health wise The researchers found that a person with higher levels of fatty acid has a 42 percent less chance of dying from stroke.

Public Health July 13, 2018

Marvel Fans Speculate 'Black Panther 2' Will Be Released In 2021

Marvel fans speculated that the sequel to 'Black Panther' will be released in 2021. This new theory emerged after Disney had announced the date for an untitled Marvel film.

Movies/TV Shows July 12, 2018

Scientists Reveal What Ötzi the Iceman's Last Meal Was 5,300 Years Ago

Researchers found that Ötzi, the Iceman discovered in 1991, had indulged in a diet of high fatty meat as his last meal before he died. The Iceman died over 5,000 years ago and was found in the Alps.

Neuroscience July 12, 2018

35-Year-Old Woman Discovers Electric Shock In Her Legs Is A Parasite That Invaded Her Spine

A French woman, who had been struggling with pain in her lower legs, discovered she had a parasite that invaded her spine. The parasite is usually found in pets or farm animals.

Public Health July 12, 2018

4-Month-Old Baby Dies From Meningitis, Family Urges People To Get Vaccinated

A 4-month-old baby boy died 24 hours after contracting meningitis. Doctors informed the parents that the infant most likely contracted the virus from an unvaccinated person.

Public Health July 12, 2018

Women Enlisted In The Military Should Expect To Be Sexually Harassed, Wife Of White House Official Claims

The wife of a White House official claimed that women who enlist in the military should expect to be sexually harassed. The woman's controversial remarks were made during her radio show in 2009.

Public Health July 12, 2018

Artifact Discovered In China Suggests Human Ancestors Left Africa Over 2 Million Years Ago

New artifacts discovered by researchers suggest that the early human migrated from Africa to China 270,000 years earlier than imagined. The scientists uncovered 80 artifacts that indicate that they were also used.

Public Health July 11, 2018

Humans Did Not Evolve From A Single Population In Africa, New Study Claims

A new study suggests that human ancestors were from more than one region in Africa. A team of researchers suggests that homo sapiens were not from just one single population but various others.

Public Health July 11, 2018

43-Year-Old Man 'Shocked' To Be Alive After Being Impaled By 40-Pound Piece Of Farm Equipment

A man from Idaho was impaled by a 40-pound spear while working on building a fence. The object pierced the man through his back and out of his stomach when it fell from the loader it was attached to.

Public Health July 11, 2018

Happily Married Couple Considering Divorce To Afford Health Care For Their 6-Year-Old Disabled Daughter

An army vet and his wife are considering to get a divorce to pay for their daughter's health expenses. The couple's 6-year-old daughter is suffering from Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, which requires the child to need 24-hour care.

Public Health July 11, 2018

Physician 'Burnout' Has Led To Over 100,000 Deaths Due To Medical Errors, New Study Suggest

A new study has found that at least 3,574 doctors felt 'burnout', which has led to numerous medical errors. In addition to feeling burnt-out, some physicians felt depressed and have contemplated suicide.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 10, 2018

Sex Addiction Is Now Considered As A Mental Health Disorder, According To WHO

The World Health Organization has now classified sex addiction as a mental health disorder. This announcement followed after WHO also listed compulsive video game playing as a mental health problem.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2018

Babies Given Solid Foods At 3-Months-Old Sleep Longer, New Study Claims

A new study conducted in Britain suggests that parents should introduce solid foods to their infants when they are 3 months old. The study claimed that infants who were fed solid foods slept longer throughout the night.

Public Health July 9, 2018

Parents Who Suffered Severe Trauma Throughout Childhood More Likely To Have Behavioral Problems With Children

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of California showed that parents who suffered from a traumatic childhood may have mental health problems in their adulthood. The children of these parents are also at risk of having behavioral problems.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 9, 2018

33-Year-Old Bride Devastated After Groom Dies Of Lung Cancer 4 Days Into Their Honeymoon

A new bride has lost her husband four days into their honeymoon. The groom was thought to have food poisoning but actually died from lung cancer, leaving his wife shocked and devastated.

Public Health July 9, 2018

Samuel L. Jackson Will Be Digitally 'De-Aged' By 25 Years In 'Captain Marvel' Film

The head of Marvel Studios stated that upcoming movie, 'Captain Marvel', will be using 'de-aging' technology for Samuel L. Jackson's character, Nick Fury. Brie Larson will portray Captain Marvel.

Movies/TV Shows July 7, 2018

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