A lot of factors can contribute to a urinary tract infection, including stress, not practicing good hygiene, and hardly wearing breathable undergarments. Certain activities apparently worsen it, too.

Sex Aggravates UTI

Though there are ways to cure and prevent a UTI, having sex while still having the infection definitely won't help. Yes, it's normal for anyone to want to get intimate with their partner even at the most unexpected times, but one should hold off in instances of UTI simply because it is a bacterial infection in the bladder that has to be treated immediately.

According to Nicole Williams, founder of the Gynecology Institute of Chicago, having sex with your significant other with a UTI would only make matters worse as it could further irritate the infection.

"The bladder sits right above the vagina, and any pressure on it while it is infected could really hurt," Williams stated.

Is UTI Contagious?

Williams makes it clear that having sex with an untreated UTI would not be the smartest idea, but women will be relieved to know that if they were to have intercourse with their partner, the infection would not be transmitted. 

According to Jason S. James, chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Baptist Hospital in Miami, it is normal for a female to think that she might have transferred a urinary tract infection to her other half. However, in reality it could potentially be a sexually transmitted disease as STDs have similar symptoms as UTI's.

STDs remain contagious, so partners should always practice safe sex. James explained that STDs such as herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea share something in common with UTI: constant and painful urination.

Wait Until You Are Off Of Antibiotics 

Normally, when a woman is confirmed to have a urinary tract infection, the doctor tests the woman's urine and, depending on the results, would prescribe antibiotics with a specific length of time of taking them. This is why it would be best to wait until the prescribed antibiotics have been finished before a woman gets intimate with her significant other again.

In the meantime, there are several ways to enjoy each other's company during the healing process, such as teasing each other by kissing, which build up the sexual tension, and working out together to release the sexual frustration.

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