Top 5 Ways To Prevent A Stress-Induced Urinary Tract Infection
(Photo : Burak Karademir | Getty Images ) An individual can end up with a urinary tract infection in several different ways, one of which is stress. Here are 5 ways to prevent stress-induced urinary tract infection.

Anyone that has dealt with urinary tract infection would more than likely say it's one of the most uncomfortable feelings to have as it eventually becomes an agonizing burden.

So how does one end up with it? 

The Stress Effect

Many would be surprised to know that there is a little more to getting the infection than just not practicing good personal hygiene, consuming lots of sugary drinks, and hardly wearing breathable undergarments.

It turns out that one of the easiest ways to trigger a UTI is stress. Yes, stress! If an individual puts too much pressure on themselves, it can contribute to the condition. Although stress itself cannot actually cause a UTI, it does affect how individuals take care of themselves.

According to Dr. Allison Hill, an OBGYN at the Los Angeles Obstetricians and Gynecologists, high stress levels can lead an individual to not practicing healthy hygiene habits and to susceptibility to infection and diseases. 

"Having a lot of stress can lead to high cortisol levels, and when cortisol is high, the immune system doesn't work well," Hill explained

The good thing is that there are ways to lower stress levels and, eventually, help prevent UTI from occurring or recurring. 

Here are the Top 5 ways to prevent stress-induced UTI: 

Drink Lots Of Water

It's definitely easier to grab a cup of coffee and not have to use the bathroom as much, but drinking a good amount of water has so much more benefits than drinking caffeine. Consuming more water will help flush out germs. Doing so is a conscious effort to continuously use the bathroom to get rid of any bacteria. 

Take Care Of Your Body

The hustle and bustle lifestyle may cause for certain parts of the day to be limited, however it's important to pay close attention to proper hygiene. Always be sure to wipe and clean the vaginal area properly when in the shower and after using the bathroom. 

Change Birth Control

Constant UTI can sometimes be caused by birth control. Try different forms of contraception and different brands of spermicides, but consult with a doctor first. 

Opt for Loose Clothing Than Tight Ones

For those that may be dealing with a UTI at the moment or have dealt with it, it's best to avoid wearing tight pants. Save the leggings and daisy duke shorts for another day, especially if the infection happens to occur repeatedly. Fitted clothing will create moisture and heighten the pH level of the urine. 

Practice Good Sexual Hygiene

It is great to explore the body and boundaries, but one should always make sure hands and toys are clean. Use antibacterial soap to wash hands and apply lube as well as on the condom before getting into any sexual activities with a significant other. 

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