More than 500 people have been evacuated from a university in Melbourne, Australia over fears of a potentially dangerous gas leak that turned out to be the pungent smell of a tropical fruit.

Smell Of Rotting Durian Prompts Evacuation

The smell of a rotting durian at the library caused fears of a gas leak at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University campus on Latrobe Street on Saturday.

Firefighters were called and hundreds of students and teachers were evacuated while an investigation was conducted to identify the source of the smell.

The evacuation was ordered as a precautionary measure as the building is known to have hazardous chemicals.

Firefighters used breathing apparatus to find the source of the stench and eventually realized that the smell was not from a toxic chemical gas but from a durian fruit that was left rotting in a cupboard. The smell circulated through the building via its air conditioning system.

"Firefighters have given the all clear following an incident at a CBD university this afternoon," the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade said in a statement. "The building has been reopened and firefighters are returning to the station. The Environment Protection Authority will oversee the removal and storage of the waste."

The King Of Fruits

Durian is the smelliest fruit in the world, which is why it is banned from hotels, subways, and airplanes around the world and even in Southeast Asia where it is most popular.

Despite its strong smell, the "king of fruits" as it is called is also known to contain high amounts of nutrients. Consuming the durian fruit is also linked to a range of health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Eating Durian

The antioxidants found in the fruit may neutralize free radicals that can cause cancer. In one study, researchers observed that durian extract prevented a strain of breast cancer cells from spreading.

Compounds present in durian may also help reduce cholesterol levels, which can also lower the risk of atherosclerosis, a condition marked by the hardening of the arteries that may possibly lead to a deadly heart attack.

Durian also has low glycemic index compared with other tropical fruits. Food that is low on the glycemic index may help improve glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance, making them particularly ideal for people with Type 2 diabetes.

The fruit is also believed to be an aphrodisiac with potentials in treating infertility. It also contains natural sleep-activating amino acid for better sleep at night.

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