Humans shooting laser beams from their eyes may seem like science fiction, but a group of researchers tested out some technology that could make this a reality.

What Did The Researchers Discover?

According to the researchers from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, the technology would allow humans to shoot lasers from their eyes. Through the use of laser stickers, the researchers believe that it would be safe for humans to use.

The study of the research was published on May 1 in the journal Nature Communications.

"The intensity of the laser beam and the amount of energy it requires is so low that you can put it in the eye without damaging the eye," said Malte Gather, co-author of the study. "I would be willing to try it."

A newspaper report claiming that humans could emit lasers from their eyes inspired Gather to research the subject. His team used an ultra-thin membrane laser with organic semiconductors to test the technology.

"Our work represents a new milestone in laser development and, in particular, points the way to how lasers can be used in inherently soft and ductile environments, be it in wearable sensors or as an authentication feature on bank notes," said Gather.

How Did They Create The Technology?

Researchers relied on banking notes to create the technology last year. Using organic semiconductors, the researchers made sure that the film for the laser stickers had only one-fifth of the minimum thickness of bacteria, which is 200 nanometers. The stickers, which were originally made on glass substrate, were then attached to eye contacts.

The membrane laser was intentionally made to be thin so that humans could safely wear the technology in the eye. Despite the size, the technology is durable.

Although a human has not tested the actual laser, researchers were able to test it out on a cow's eyes. The experiment with the cow was successful, and the animal was not harmed.

What Is The Purpose Of The Lasers?

Researchers say that their device could allow a user to shoot a laser beam up to 20 inches away. The uses of the actual technology are still being debated.

Lasers could be used as a wearable security tag for an authentication with an iris scan. The beams have the potential to form a light-based bar code that a security scanner can read. The scientists found that the lasers could also be used for biophotonics and photomedicine.

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