Niantic Announces Worldwide Summer Events For 'Pokémon GO' Fans, Brings Festival Back To Chicago


Video game company Niantic Labs just announced three international events to celebrate Pokémon GO and its massive fanbase.

Going On A 'Pokémon GO' Safari

The first event would take place at Westfalenpark in Dortmund, Germany. The free event will take place from June 30 to July 1. There would also be a special gathering sometime during the summer in Yokosuka, Japan. Both the German and Japanese meetings will reflect the Safari Zone theme. In the Pokémon video game series, the Safari Zone is a place where trainers are able to hunt for rare Pokémon.

'Pokémon GO' Fest Is Back

Niantic Labs hopes that U.S. Pokémon GO fans can travel to Chicago to participate in the second Pokémon GO Fest. The festival is expected to take place at Lincoln Park on July 14 and July 15. Participants will be able to tackle a 1.8-mile long course that would include physical and in-game activities. Attendees must pay $20 for the event.

Learning From Their Mistakes

Last year, attendees were disappointed at the Pokémon GO event. There were countless problems ranging from faulty cellular service to in-game service issues. It was also reported that the crowd booed Niantic CEO John Hanke when he gave a speech. This time, however, having learned from those experiences, Hanke believes that the Pokémon GO Fest would be a better one for the participants.

"We kind of learned how to do those. We're coming back at it this year with all that experience, and it's exciting to go back to Chicago. I'm going to be there, and I'm looking forward to it," said Hanke to IGN.

'Pokémon GO' In The News

Pokémon GO was credited with assisting in the search of a missing man that has dementia. A woman named Allison Hines was playing the video game at a park in Covington, Kentucky. While she looked for a PokeStop, she encountered a senior man named Homer Howard. Howard and Hines figured out that he was a long way from his home in Maineville, Ohio. While it is unknown how Howard made it to Kentucky, he was able to reunite with his family in Ohio.

On April 22, Niantic Labs collaborated with conversation organization Mission Blue for the Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup. Pokémon GO fans signed up for 37 different events held in 12 different countries. The video game maker offered several incentives to people who participated, such as awarding stardust, an in-game material that helps evolve Pokémon, to participants.

On April 2, Niantic Labs announced that two legendary Psychic- and Dragon-Type Pokémon, Latios and Latias, were going to be introduced from the franchise's third generation. Pokémon GO assigned Latios to North America, South America, and Africa. Meanwhile, players in Europe and Asia will hunt down Latias. The twins will switch places on May 8 before departing the game on June 5.

Tech Times contacted Niantic Labs for a comment on this story.

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