Facebook is getting ready to unleash a new update that will focus on live videos. The social media company will enhance the live broadcast experience.

The Live Rewind

On Tuesday, May 8, Facebook announced that it is testing a new feature that might help users who missed crucial elements of a Facebook Live broadcast. The social media network's users have requested for this feature for years. Several technology insiders believe that the Live Rewind could be a pivotal tool to broadcast sports events.

A Crossposting Element

Another element of the Live Rewind feature is crossposting. This new feature will allow media organizations to share live video to multiple accounts simultaneously. Before crossposting, media companies would have to go into individual pages to share pre-recorded videos. Also, crossposting might help media companies expand their audiences.

Introducing Persistent Stream Keys

To help media companies coordinate their teams, Facebook is adding persistent stream keys. Initially, uploaders had to create a new key every time that they posted a new video on the social media platform. However, the persistent stream keys will make setting up the streaming process for production teams easier.

Expanding Live Video

By adding the Live Rewind, crossposting, and persistent stream keys, Facebook hopes to encourage broadcasters to post live videos on the social media platform. Also, they expect Facebook Live usage would improve publishers' fanbase.

"As Facebook Live continues to grow, we've seen people and publishers around the world find new and innovative ways to tell incredible stories, interact with their communities, and bring the world closer together," said Matt Labunka, a Facebook Live product manager to Digital Trends.

Other Facebook News

In addition to the social media company testing the live video feature, WhatsApp also announced that it would incorporate Facebook and Instagram videos into their iOS update. Version 2.18.51 allows WhatsApp users the power to remain on the app while they watch their videos. This is due to the picture in picture function. PIP allows users to move the video on the iPhone screen.

Facebook also revealed that it fired a former engineer after he used company data to stalk women. A security entrepreneur came into possession of several private Tinder messages that the stalker sent out and used social media to connect with Facebook employees who eventually discovered the perpetrator. Alex Stamos, Facebook's chief security officer, told Tech Times that the social media company has strong policies of keeping users' information secure and private. Stamos also added that employees who violate those policies would be fired.

During the company's F8 Developer Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that it would start a Facebook dating service. The service would allow Facebook users to create profiles that will match users. The matches will cater towards dating preferences, shared interests, and mutual friends. Zuckerberg revealed that there are 200 million Facebook users who are single and hope that they would use their service to build long-term relationships.

Tech Times reached out to Facebook for a comment about this story.

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