Mom Warns About Dangerous Deodorant Challenge That Scarred Daughter


A mother is warning other parents about the deodorant challenge which left her daughter with second-degree burns. The wound requires skin grafting for it to heal permanently. 

Jamie Prescott, form the United Kingdom, posted photos of her child's arms after the kid played the challenge with her playmates at a local playground. Her daughter is currently attending year 10 in school.

Scott shares that the game involves spraying deodorant on to someone else's arms. The challenge is for that person being sprayed on to endure the pain as long as he or she can.

Aerosol Deodorant

Prescott said the challenge appeared to be pretty simple. According to her child, she was just asked by her playmates to put out her arm. When her daughter did, an aerosol deodorant was sprayed on to her arm and that was it.

The daughter shared that the challenge was fairly common as well. In fact, other children have shown her their scars which they obtained after participating in the game. Thinking that it was done by almost everyone she knows, it did not cross her mind that it will have precarious consequences on her skin.

The incident happened on April 18, but Prescott only noticed her child's wound the day after when blisters started showing. As of press time, her daughter needs to regularly undergo medical checkups to monitor the burns.

With her Facebook post going viral and local media seeking for interviews, Prescott shared that she used to hate attention. However, she felt that as a parent, it is her responsibility to make sure that her warning spread and the public be warned as much as possible.

'Cool' Deodorant Challenge

The deodorant challenge, apparently, has been widespread in some localities in the UK for several years now. It is not immediately clear when it went viral but another UK mother had already posted a warning about the dangers of the craze.

In May 2017, Sara Stanley shared how her daughter's arms were repeatedly burned after performing the challenge for several occasions. Her daughter, Kaitlyn Stanley, shared that her friends were the ones who introduced the game to her. Kaitlyn took the challenge because it looks "really cool" that she did not realize the damage it can cause her skin. She was left with numerous brownish and circular spots on one arm.

At the time, several other mothers commented on Stanley's post, sharing that their children also suffered burns and scarring after they participated in the game.

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