Who Needs Old Spice? Google Has Odor Removing Wearable -- An Armpit Fan


Not a big fan of using deodorant? Well Google researchers are busy working on yet another new fangled device that would not only rid clothes of those lovely white armpit stripes and keep you dry and odor free no matter how much you may tend to sweat at work or play. It would also help you avoid running into any social connections while sweating.

Yes. That's right. Just imagine being able to avoid the hot guy from work at the gym or your boss as you're running late to the office from lunch on a 90-degree day--a day when you forgot to swipe on some deodorant or favorite cologne as you were running late for the morning train.

Simply called an "odor removing device," a Google patent filed by four Google staffers dated August 31, 2012, states the device could feature an activity sensor, a communication 'portion,' that would provide access to one or more social networks and allow communication with network contacts and a 'route suggesting' portion that would provide users an alternate route to travel. This way your profusely sweating body would avoid offending others, who are in your social connections and traveling on the same route.

"However, to avoid subjecting the social contacts to the odor, the device may include a route suggesting portion that can notify the user that his contacts are in the area. The route suggesting portion may additionally provide an alternate route for the user to take to increase the chances of avoiding an unpleasant odorous meeting with his social contacts," states the patent document. The technology would tap existing Google services such as Google Maps.RTM. or Google Earth.RTM. to supply the alternate route, states the patent document.

Yup, you read that right. Google wants to make sure you don't run into anyone whom you know and inadvertently disgust them with your body odor.

Oh and the device may also feature "a parameter detector" as well as an accelerometer, galvanic skin response monitor, a biometric sensor, an environmental sensor, a location-based sensor, context, and, of course, a camera. Selfie anyone?

We couldn't make this up if we tried. This makes Google Glass look like kid's play.

The odor removing device would do even more than ensure you don't offend others with your sweaty odors. It may track when you sweat, house your medical history, offer a spraying device, a heating device and even spritz out a fragrant material based on a prediction signal but give the user control of such spritzing.

Google's services and device innovations are way, way beyond its top name search capabilities at this point, so a sweat detector may not be so head-scratching in many ways. Just last month Tech Times reported how the search giant is moving into the insurance business. Can a Google used car lot franchise be far behind?

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