Nintendo Switch Kickstand Problems Finally Solved With New Accessory That Costs $20


It looks like the Nintendo Switch kickstand problems will soon be solved though a new accessory that will come with a price tag of $19.99.

The Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand, which will be released in July, will make it much easier for gamers to enjoy playing the hybrid console in its Tabletop mode.

Nintendo Switch Kickstand Problems

The Nintendo Switch kickstand problems have been around since even before the hybrid console was launched in March 2017. The kickstand, which pops up from the back of the Nintendo Switch, allows players to access Tabletop mode, where the console's screen displays the game and the user detaches the Joy-Cons.

The console was drawn into controversy in February 2017 due to a strongly criticized Nintendo Switch kickstand test carried out by CNET, which depicted the feature as fragile and unreliable. A few days after its launch, another Nintendo Switch kickstand issue surfaced, specifically the inability to charge the console while in Tabletop mode because the charging port is underneath it. Third-party accessory makers and 3D printing experts have proposed solutions, but none as elegant as the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand.

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand Provides Kickstand Fix

The Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand, announced by Nintendo through a press release, "makes playing in Tabletop mode easier than ever."

The Nintendo Switch charging stand features a wider kickstand and base compared to the Nintendo Switch kickstand, which will address all concerns that the feature is not enough to keep the hybrid console stable while in Tabletop mode. The angle of the charging stand may even be adjusted to provide the best viewing angle to gamers.

Meanwhile, to solve the charging problem, the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand features a port for an AC adapter on each side. With the hybrid console connected to the accessory and an AC adapter plugged into it, players will finally be able to charge the Nintendo Switch while on Tabletop mode.

Owners who have been looking for a solution to their Nintendo Switch kickstand problems will have to wait a bit longer, though. The accessory will launch in two months, on July 13.

Nintendo Switch accessories might not always be on point, such as the recent issues involving Nintendo Switch docks made by third-party companies that bricked the console after the firmware 5.0 update. However, as it was made by Nintendo itself, the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand provides a decent fix for the Nintendo Switch kickstand problems that may have annoyed owners of the hybrid console over the past year.

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