Instagram is always rolling out new features to improve its platform, and now its latest is designed to improve the user experience as it pertains to polls.

Instagram Reveals New Feature

On Thursday, May 10, Instagram announced that it is rolling out a new polling feature known as an emoji slider sticker. The feature incorporates an emoji into the actual poll that users can ask their friends.

"By choosing an emoji for your question, you also add a layer of emotional context that helps those answering understand your tone and answer accordingly," Instagram wrote in a statement on its blog.

The emoji slider sticker will be another option for Stories on the social media app. Instagram users are familiar with the current poll that allows friends to choose one of two options. The previous polling feature was well-received, but Instagram felt that users wanted more emotion.

With the new feature, users can ask their friends more nuanced questions. For example, users can ask their friends what they think about their food or a piece of clothing. Their friends can respond by moving an animated emoji up or down a scale, which will document the interest level.

How The Emoji Slider Stickers Feature Works

The emoji slider sticker is extremely user-friendly, and it is easy to insert into a story. After adding a photo or a video to your story, users can click on the sticker tray. If the user's version of Instagram has the feature, it will show up next to the basic poll sticker.

Users will have the option to select either the most popular emojis, or they can pick an emoji from their personal library. After selecting the emoji, a user simply needs to write out their question to launch the poll.

In addition to animating as people drag it, the emoji also lets users who have responded to see the current average of how other people responded. There is currently no timer feature on the emoji slider sticker poll.

How To Get The Emoji Slider Sticker

The emoji slider sticker is part of the latest Instagram version 44 for both Android and iOS.

Users can update their version of Instagram through Google Play or Apple's App store if it is available. The download and update should be instantaneous. There is also a chance that it might not be available. Instagram sometimes has a history of rolling out new features to certain users first, but it should be available to everyone within a few days.

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