Surveillance Footage Shows An iPhone 6 Plus Explode In A Las Vegas Store In 20 Seconds


iPhone batteries can be troublesome at times, especially in the case of an iPhone that exploded in a Las Vegas repair store in May.

This iPhone Explosion In Las Vegas

A male employee in a Las Vegas repair store was just a few feet away when an iPhone exploded on his desk. Surveillance footage of the explosion was leaked online on May 11.

The store and the employee are both unidentified.

The device, which was reportedly an iPhone 6 Plus, was brought to the store to get repaired. The phone suffered massive heat damage from being out in the sun, which resulted in the battery expanding and the screen getting cracked.

Based on the surveillance footage, the employee was checking another device on the right side of a desk when the iPhone 6 Plus exploded on the left side. Seconds before the explosion, smoke was visible around the phone.

The employee rushed out of the way after the explosion and began to make an emergency phone call. In less than 20 seconds, the phone burned itself out, and the fire was gone.

No one was injured from the explosion.

As of May 12, Apple did not comment on this incident in Las Vegas.

History Of iPhone Explosions

This is not the first time that an iPhone exploded. In January, an iPhone exploded in an Apple Store, and everyone had to be evacuated.

In 2016, there were reports that eight iPhone 6 devices exploded, which caused Apple to launch a free repair and replacement program for these phones. In recent years, newer models of the iPhone have also caught on fire or exploded.

There are many reasons why an iPhone would explode, including hardware failure, accessories with poor quality, or overheated batteries. In fact, this is very common during the summer months, when the temperature is hot.

"Over time, the batteries heat up and bloat," Paul Tartaglio of Gadget Repair told KTNV. "The problem is when it bloats up just a little bit, it can cause your screen to crack a lot easier."

Ways You Can Prevent Your iPhone From Exploding

The biggest thing that a user can do to prevent their iPhone from exploding is to keep it cool at all times, especially in the summer months. To cool down an iPhone, users should avoid direct sunlight, limit playing games on it, don't keep it stored in a car, and remove the case from time to time.

If the phone is overheating, then users can turn it off and recharge when they are in a cool location. Users should also speak to a repair professional.

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