Santa Claus is getting a bit of a high-tech boost this year, thanks to a new super sleigh called the GS-900.

The new sleigh features brand new technology, including a chimney cam, reindeer nose wipers, rocket boosters, GPS navigation and a bulletproof front window.

Metals4U in Pontefract, UK designed the concept sleigh just in time for Christmas Eve.

"We just felt like Santa deserved a bit of an upgrade," says Michael Ward of Metals4U. "His old wooden sleigh is a little bit dated and we wanted to bring him into the 21st century."

The sleigh comes with all sorts of modern technology, including a mount for an e-reader containing Santa's naughty and nice list. If that's not enough, there's also a cup warmer to keep Santa's hot chocolate warm, along with heated seats to keep Santa warm.

Just in case the reindeers get tired during their long journey, the sleigh also has eco-friendly rocket boosters. And to keep their noses dry and shiny, the sleigh has an automated reindeer nose wiper, sure to keep Rudolph's nose shining even brighter than ever.

Santa also gets his own integrated audio player so he can listen to all his favorite holiday tunes on Spotify while he travels on his long trip around the world.

The sleigh features a convertible roof and a front window made of bulletproof Lexan Polycarbonate guerrilla glass that "generates maximum visibility for Santa."

Other features include parking sensors (because parking on rooftops is tricky), as well as a chimney cam, that will, hopefully, keep Santa's pants from getting set on fire when entering houses through fireplaces.

Of course, this sleigh is only a concept, but Metals4U claims it will make the sleigh for anyone willing to pay the $313,000 price tag. Unfortunately, the company hasn't filled any orders yet. However, the sleigh is available for order on the company's website along with some fake reviews.

"We have worked hard to bring in the GS-900 this year. We had to wait a while for the technology to develop but we believe that this is much more fun! Because of elf and safety issues with the wooden sleighs; this is a marvellous treat," says Patch, Santa's Chief Elf.

And there's even more good news, Transport Canada recently cleared Santa and his new super sleigh for take-off.

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