A number of Mophie juice packs are now at up to 74 percent off from Verizon, ready to breathe some extra battery life in your device on the go.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous nowadays and as much as they've advanced and become more complex, there's still the issue of battery life. Most smartphones don't make it to a second day on a single charge and some don't even last for a whole day if they're used extensively, for battery-draining tasks.

Mophie Juice Packs

Portable battery packs are a great solution to this issue, and Mophie's are among the most popular ones. Mophie's juice packs are external batteries with a shell specifically made for various smartphones.

The capacity of a Mophie juice pack is typically around 3,000 mAh, with smaller or larger capacity models depending on the device. They can come in handy while on the go, but their prices may put off prospective customers.

For those who don't want to shell out $100 or more for a Mophie juice pack, Verizon now has a neat promotion that slashes the prices considerably. Here's what's on offer.

Verizon Discounts Mophie Juice Packs

At just $25.99, Verizon is now offering a 2,950 mAh juice pack for the Samsung Galaxy S8, a 3,350 mAh battery pack for the Galaxy S8 Plus, a 2,950 mAh pack for the Galaxy S7, and a 2,600 mAh pack for the iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus.

At $29,99, Verizon is offering a 2,500 mAh unit for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, a 3,300 mAh juice pack for the Galaxy S7 edge, a 3,300 mAh pack for the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, and a 2,750 mAh battery pack for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.

A 3,300 mAh juice pack for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, meanwhile, goes up to $34.99, a 3,950 mAh pack for the same iPhones now costs $49.99 (it previously cost $149.99), while a 2,950 mAh unit for the Google Pixel XL costs $39.99.

Verizon doesn't mention when this offer will expire, but at these prices, the discounted Mophie juice packs are expected to run out of stock soon enough, so interested customers might want to take advantage of this deal while it lasts.

In related news, Mophie also announced a new Charge Streamline of charging accessories, consisting of a Travel Kit priced at $49.95 and a Charge Stream Pad Mini priced at $24.95.

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