Christmas is just around the corner, but there are still some shoppers that are doing very last-minute shopping to get their loved ones gifts just in time for the holiday.

Thankfully, there are still several Christmas deals that shoppers can take advantage of as the holiday shopping season is coming to a close.

For shoppers looking for an iPad Air 2, Target is offering the tablet at a 15 percent discount through the company's Cartwheel app. This means that the price of the entry-level Wi-Fi only version plunges from $499 to only $424, but only for Friday and Saturday in Target stores.

For deals on the iPhone 6, Walmart is currently featuring a $50 off deal for the Apple smartphone, along with the iPhone 6 Plus. The regular price of $179 for the iPhone 6 is down to $129, and the regular price of the iPhone 6 Plus of $279 is down to $229. Shoppers looking for older models may also avail the iPhone 5S at Walmart for only $49, which is $30 off from the regular price of $79.

Walmart requires a two-year contract for shoppers to avail the discounted price on the iPhones, but the stores also offer a trade-in promo that will drop the price of the smartphones even lower. The deals will last until February and are available only in-store.

MacMall also features a great deal for the 2013 2.6GHz/16GB/1TB Retina MacBook Pro, regularly priced at $3,199 but is now being sold for only $2,599, which is a discount of $600.

Shoppers that wish to get their hands on a PlayStation 4 can also get a good deal at Walmart, which has the Sony gaming console listed for only $329. This is a great offer as the price for the PlayStation 4 rarely went below $400, even during Black Friday. The offer may not include the additional free game download that Sony has added to the standard PlayStation 4 package though.

On the other hand, for the Xbox One, shoppers can look to Best Buy for what is one of the best bundles for the Microsoft gaming console ever released. At only $350, the bundle includes the standard package for the Xbox One along with copies of Assassin's Creed: Unity, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and Destiny, plus a $50 gift card. The bundle features $185 in free games and gift cards on top of the Xbox One that has a regular price of $400, making the offer a steal.

Christmas deals are almost everywhere, and if shoppers are lucky, could get even better deals now compared to the rest of the holiday shopping season.

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