The year 2014 has been full of new, interesting and innovative products. From the latest and greatest smartphones to the coolest connected devices.

But we've heard enough about them. Let's take a look at the weirdest and wackiest gadgets of 2014.

Lumo Lift

Ever find yourself slouching? Unable to find a way to curb the slouching habit? Well, Lumo Lift might be the product for you. The device essentially slips onto the user's clothing and buzzes them every time they slouch, ideally helping them with their posture. It also tracks your steps. Wacky? Yes, a little. But this could be perfect for some people, especially in an age where we sit at our desks all the time.


Some people lose their hair a little earlier than they want. But what if those people could just put on a funny-looking hat that would grow back their hair? That's the idea behind iGrow, a laser-based hair regrowth system by a company called Apira Science, who claims that a few months wearing an iGrow for 25 minutes, three or four times a week, could completely regrow hair on a bald head subject to patterned baldness.

VIP Fridge Magnet

The Red Tomato VIP Fridge Magnet is for those who are so hungry that they literally can't pick up the phone to call a pizza restaurant. Instead, they can simply press a button on their fridge that will automatically make the order for them. The button only works with Red Tomato Pizza, but who knows, maybe we'll have a Dominoes button on our fridge one day.

ChefJet 3D Food Printer

3D printers are really cool. At the touch of a button you can have a new toy, phone case, or even a guitar. Now it's possible to even print food. The ChefJet 3D food printer allows users to print candy using a special substance. Various types of candy, including chocolate, can be printed, with the smaller version printing 8x8x6 inches and the larger version printing an undisclosed amount larger.

Pet Remote

Once, pet owners had to yell to their unruly pet from all the way across the park. Thank goodness those times are over. Now pet owners can simply attach the Pet-Remote to their dogs collar and control their pet from afar. The way it works is quite simple. First, teach the pet commands as normal. Then, press the button on the remote as you command the pet to do the different things. Soon enough, the pet will get used to the series of vibrations given though the collar, and respond to those vibrations when a button is pressed on the user's phone.

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