The 2014 International CES (or CES 2014) exhibits the next wave of hardware and software that might take the technology world by storm. Of course, there are also the speeches and presentations of technology leaders about their latest products and services. And, then there are the craziest tech ideas that make jaws drop or make one say "but why?"

As the Tech Times team made its rounds at CES 2014, here are the top 3 winners of 'CES 2014 Crazy Tech':

Bendable UHD TV by Samsung

Though wearable technology ruling the grounds of CES 2014, and the newest smart gadgets, 3D printers, tablets, and smartphones jostle to grab eyeballs, a bendable ultra high defintion (UHD) television managed to grab loads of attention.

Samsung, the world leader in television manufacturing, took the wraps off a prototype of an 85-inch bendable UHD TV. Press a button and the seemingly normal flat TV will have its bezel move slowly forward and voila, the first bendable TV in the world will transform right before your eyes.

The maker of the bendable TV says that bending the TV set makes the watching experience more immersive.

It is not clear if it will ever hit the production line but at first, the mechanism that bends the screen makes the bendable TV look thicker than most of the sleek UHD TVs out there. The "immersive experience" claim can also be nothing but pure hype but who're we to judge? Even if the bendable TV hits the market, we probably won't be able to afford one.

$8K Smart Bed by Sleep Number

Another outrageous technology creation is a bed by Sleep Number. The Sleep Number x12 bed promises to take people on a journey to dreamland every night. And, why not? It boasts of super comfortable memory foam mattress and promises to track almost everything related to the sleep habits of its users.

It can monitor the owner's heart rate, breathing rate, the time spent moving around the bed, the amount of time when one is just lying still, or when one is deep sleep. It probably monitors everything that you do on bed, which according to us, isn't such a great idea. It even comes with a massage function and a feature that can adjust the head section of one's partner, if he/she is snoring. Most of these functions can be controlled using voice commands or a universal remote control that comes with it.

The bed can also be linked with mobile devices through an app that can help owners determine and understand their sleeping habits.

Neat. However, Sleep Number x12 is only for those who can afford it - the technology-infused bed sports a price tag of $8,000.

ChefJet by 3D Systems

CES 2014 marked the arrival of 3D printers into the mainstream. There are new products from known manufacturers of 3D printers but there are also newcomers who introduce innovative products such as the pen-like 3D printer. However, one 3D printer that grabbed the most attention is ChefJet by 3D Systems. ChefJet is impossible to ignore. After all, how can one ignore a machine that can print candies and chocolates? For those with a sweet tooth, the ChefJet is a gift from heaven. The counter-sized monochrome printer will have a tag price that will be below $5,000 when it hits the market later this year.

The maker of the machine capable of printing edible goodies will also roll out the bigger Chef Jet Pro that can print in full color. It comes with a variety of recipes that will tickle consumers with flavors ranging from chocolate, mint, sour apple, vanilla, watermelon, and cherry. A 3D Systems spokesperson told Tech Times that ChefJet wiill be aimed at food catering companies or those who want to design and create their very own cakes and confections for special occasions such as wedding, birthdays, etc. The Chef Jet Pro is expected to have a sub-$10,000 sticker price when it hits the shelves.

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