You Can Now Shout Voice Commands At Your LG ThinQ TV


LG's entire ThinQ TV lineup — including OLEDs, LCDs, and Super UHDs — now support voice commands thanks to a new integration with Alexa.

ThinQ users will now be able to control their TV sets provided they have an Alexa-enabled device, from the Echo Plus to the Echo Dot. Those with compatible TVs will be able to ask Alexa to carry out all major controls, including adjusting the volume, playing, pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, and more. Users can also select channels or search for content via voice commands.

"The addition of Amazon Alexa compatibility to our 2018 LG AI-enabled TVs spotlights LG's commitment to developing category-leading TVs that combine innovative technologies with the widest range of convenient, user-friendly interfaces," said LG's Tim Alessi. "LG's open platform-open partnership-open connectivity ecosystem enables LG AI products to work with the most popular smart platforms to deliver the most convenient and customized smart home experience tailored to a consumer's specific lifestyle."

Sorry, LG, You're Not The First

While Alessi makes some bold statements, LG isn't the first TV manufacturer to integrate Alexa into its ecosystem. Some TVs in Sony's lineup already support Alexa voice commands, with the ability to use Echo to turn the TV on or off, change the channel, and adjust the volume. What's more, Amazon's own Fire TV line of streaming devices also come with built-in Alexa functionality.

Given that voice-based TV controls are based on Alexa's Smart Home Skill API, it's more than likely more companies will adapt Alexa into their own TV ecosystems moving forward.

Google Assistant

Alexa, however, isn't the only leading player in the game. Google's own Assistant is also increasingly penetrating the TV landscape. LG itself announced earlier this May that it's working to bring Google Assistant to its 2018 OLED and Super UHD TV lineup.

With Alexa now part of its high-end ThinQ TVs, LG gains another shot at leveraging the ThinQ branding in the hopes that consumers will skirt over high costs in exchange for artificial intelligence-powered features. ThinQ, by the way, is LG's special sub-brand for AI devices, if you haven't already guessed. With ThinQ TVs, user get smarter search options, context-aware query results, and content-aware searching — such as the ability to identify actors in a movie just by saying, "Who are the actors in this?"

Beyond TVs, LG also has ThinQ-powered smartphones, such as the recently unveiled G7 ThinQ, which boasts AI-powered camera features, among other things.

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