Apple announced that it would be creating a new platform for both developers and medical researchers to use to create a network of medical apps possibly.

Introducing Health Records

On June 4, Apple revealed Health Records on its newsroom website. Health Records is an application programming interface that would allow both researchers and developers to create numerous apps by using health data. The technology company hopes that the researchers and developers would be able to allow iOS users to maintain their medications and diets.

Health Records will give patients of various hospitals and medical organizations access to all their medical information into their iPhone. They noted that through Health Records, iOS users would be able to share personal information regarding their health and wellness through apps. It could also improve their overall health.

Medical App Categories

Developers and researchers have several potential categories to work on when it comes to creating their apps. If users need assistance when it comes to tracking their medication, Apple introduced Medisafe. The medication tracker app will allow customers the opportunity to import their medication list. The app also could forewarn if a new drug could interfere with the user's list.

Another category that developers and researchers could use is nutrition planning. The company mentioned that the content creators could build apps that would be able to help develop meal preparation apps that could help iOS users deal with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, the technology company noted that a diabetes app could be integrated with the iOS HealthKit, which could help people diagnosed with diabetes improve their lifestyle.

"With the Health Records API open to our incredible community of developers and researchers, consumers can personalize their health needs with the apps they use every day," said Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer to CNet.

Guarding Personal Data

The company noted it would be keeping a closer eye on their customers' data. Health Records will be encrypted on the user's iPhone and is also protected by their iPhone passcode. If users elect to share their data, it will go directly from HealthKit to all third-party apps. The data will not be directed to Apple's servers.

Worldwide Developers Conference Update

Apple announced several new products at its 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference. It revealed several exciting features were coming with the iOS 12 update. One unique feature includes tracking users' time that they spent on their devices by providing a detailed daily and weekly summary of their activity. Group FaceTime is another new feature that allows as many as 32 people to participate in a massive group chat.

The technology company also announced their latest laptop computer. Mojave will give users the opportunity to turn on Dark Mode, which will turn the background grey. It will even come with Stacks, which will allow users to declutter their desktop. Other new features include Apple News, Voice Memos, and Group FaceTime.

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