Elgato Systems announced that it is updating lawn care through a new device that would help homeowners improve their sprinkler systems.

Introducing Eve Aqua

Elgato Systems published a blog post on Tuesday, May 29. The Munich, Germany-based software developer announced that it would present a significant improvement to the garden sprinkler through their Eve home appliances line. Eve Aqua is a Bluetooth empowered device that will allow homeowners to control outdoor water functions.

First, homeowners will need to attach a black-grey square box to the backyard faucet. Once the installation is complete, users are given several different operating options. First, users could turn on the sprinkler system through Siri. Another option involves syncing Eve Aqua into an Apple HomeKit, through this option you could control Eve Aqua from a great distance. There is also a black circular button called the onboard button. This button allows users to turn on or off the device manually.

The App Factor

Eve Aqua allows users to keep track of their water usage and time through its apps. The Eve app has several features including watering and scheduling. The schedule feature enables users to pick out specific times that Eve Aqua could water their lawns. Users could also see an estimated consumption of water that they used throughout the week.

Another feature of the app is the timer. This guarantees users that they are not wasting water. Also, if the Apple devices or HomeKit go offline, Eve Aqua's built-in timer will shut off the faucet before it oversaturates the ground. Elgato revealed that Eve Aqua needs to be operated by iPhone, an iPod Touch, or an iPad with iOS 11.3 or later. It is expected to be released on June 25.

Smart Home Updates

Amazon's Echo Dot was in the news after Alexa recorded a woman's private conversation and sent it to a random contact. Users can see if Alexa recorded their discussions by opening their devices and visit the Settings menu. Once, they are in the "History" tab users can see what caused Alexa to record the conversation. Customers can delete the messages, but Amazon warns that removing recordings could ruin the Alexa experience.

Google WiFi recently debuted Network Check. The tool allows users to check the quality of Wi-Fi connections on their devices such as phones and tablets. Network Check will enable them to find dead spots in the house, but it will not help troubleshoot other devices.

Sonos filed a document on April 30 that showcases plans to expand its smart home franchise. It filed paperwork for a potential home theater smart speaker. While it was marked as "S14" and includes an HDMI port, the company vaguely described "S14" as a "high-performance all-in-one home theater smart speaker."

Tech Times reached out to Elgato for a comment on this story.

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