A Russian mother, who wanted to "surprise" her husband by getting a breast enlargement surgery, died after being in a coma for a year. The 30-year-old woman, Galina Rakushina, is reportedly the latest woman to fall victim to a plastic surgery gone wrong in a Moscow clinic.

A Deadly Surprise 

The mother of two reportedly wanted to surprise her husband by getting breast implants after having their children. A friend of the deceased mom stated that she was secretly saving the money for the operation.

Galina's heart stopped after she was given anesthetic and even though her heart restarted, her brain was deprived of oxygen for too long. Reportedly, Galina's heart was not beating for more than three minutes when doctors began reanimation.

Following this, an ambulance rushed Galina to the hospital; however, the then 29-year-old had fallen into a coma that she never awoke from. Galina was in the coma for 13 months.

Galina was married to Alexander Rakushin and had two children, a 10-year-old daughter, and a six-year-old son. The Russian Investigative Committee has launched a criminal investigation into unsafe medical clinics.

Similar Tragic Cases

Another woman that had died following a surgery was Natalia Orlova, a 54-year-old Moscow stock exchange trader. She died in May 2018 after getting a facelift. Natalia suffered from acute spinal pain followed by kidney and liver failure after her surgery.

Natalia died three weeks after her surgery and her daughter, Rada, claims that she was told by three separate medics that an unknown substance used by the clinic had poisoned her mother.

"I heard from doctors (that) some agent, a poisonous substance which was in the anesthetic or in other medicines has been seized by the investigators," Rada stated

Rada continued that she was informed by the doctors that the poison acts like a chemical warfare agent.

Natalia was the fourth patient to die under mysterious circumstances. Reports say that an "angel of death" who has a mental condition was to blame for these tragic deaths, and has been under suspicion by Russian officials.  

A 29-year-old beautician named Marina Kushkhova died after getting a procedure done to fix her nose. Marina also fell into a coma and died in April 2018. 

Two more women are reportedly "fighting for their life" following cosmetic-related surgeries. One of the women, 37-year-old Yulia Kurilko-Ryumina, who is in grave condition, is on life support and has suffered from kidney failure and sepsis, her husband stated.  

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