Facebook is now allowing users to upload videos with licensed music and has started testing a Musical.ly rival, after clinching music licensing deals with both major and independent labels.

Facebook removing videos with music will no longer be a problem. The social network, in fact, will actually encourage it with Lip Sync Live.

Facebook Videos Now Allowed To Feature Copyrighted Music

Facebook users will no longer have to worry about their videos being taken down because they contain licensed music.

Previously, Facebook blocked videos that included copyrighted music. With the new rules, when users upload Facebook videos containing music, they will be informed if the included song is allowed through the licensing deals acquired by the social network. If not, the video will be muted, unless the uploader submits a dispute. The label that holds the copyright may then approve the usage of the song in the video through the Rights Manager tool of Facebook.

Facebook will reportedly provide compensation to labels and artists whose music is used in videos uploaded to the platform. However, the company did not disclose the rates, and whether the compensation would be computed based on the number of uploads or on video hits.

Facebook Lip Sync Live In Testing

Continuing Facebook's changes in how it deals with music on the social network, it has also started testing Lip Sync Live. For those familiar with Musical.ly, the new Facebook feature functions the same way.

Lip Sync Live is currently only available in select markets, with song options that include Camila Cabello's Havana, Drake's God's Plan and Ed Sheeran's Happier. If the feature is available to a user, it will appear as an option when starting a Facebook Live video. The user can choose a song from the feature's list then add a description and other customizations, such as camera effects and backgrounds. There is also a "With" option to add friends to the video.

While Facebook Lip Sync Live is broadcasting, the user's friends will see the artist and song featured in the video, and they can tap to follow that artist's Facebook page.

The difference between Lip Sync Live and other apps like Musical.ly is that the feature launches from within the Facebook app, allowing the video to be shared seamlessly on the social network.

Lip Sync Live will eventually be available worldwide, but there is no official release date yet for the new Facebook feature. Facebook is also planning to test an option to add songs to Facebook Stories over the coming months.

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