Instagram users could upload lengthy videos when the social media app updates. A new report was released that mentioned that possibility.

The New Report

The Wall Street Journal released a story on June 5 that spoke with sources close to the social media app. They confirmed that Instagram was looking to release "a new feature." This new update would expand upon its video function by removing its one-minute limit for non-live videos on their Instagram timeline. It was reported that Instagram leaders want to elongate non-broadcast videos to have a one-hour limit.

Currently, Instagram allows users to stream one hour long live videos. However, if leaders do decide to incorporate this new video feature into the app's software, users could be able to upload their one-hour videos. It was reported that this new plan allegedly highlights "vertical video" formats. Users have shot vertical videos through their Instagram Stories, which as of publication allows them to upload 15-second videos.

Sketchy Details And Instagram Rivalries

The report is unclear where Instagram wants to put the alleged elongated video function. The Instagram insiders were unsure if they wanted to put the expanded video features on the Instagram Stories section or on the users' main timeline. Sources also stated that Instagram leaders met with several content creators to discuss their support in promoting this tentative platform.

Several media outlets believe that if Instagram does go forward with its video expansion, they could step on the toes of rival social media platforms YouTube and Snapchat. Both social media apps let their users post videos at various lengths. Recently, the Pew Research Center revealed in a new study that 85 percent of American teenagers ages 13 to 17 use YouTube, 72 percent visit Instagram frequently, and 69 percent use Snapchat.

Instagram News

Last month, Instagram officials revealed the mute button option on its official blog. The feature would allow users to mute specific accounts. This option will let people to still follow them without unfollowing the muted users. The mute button is located between the "Unfollow" and "Share to Facebook" options. Once the button was hit, users would be able to either hit "Mute Posts" or "Mute Posts and Story."

Kevin Systrom, the company's Chief Executive Officer, revealed on Twitter that Instagram was working on a feature to track how much its users were using the app. The "Usage Insights" feature would not only be essential to the Instagram community, but he also challenged other companies to take ownership on how much time their customers use with their product. The announcement came after a reverse engineer app developer sent media outlet TechCrunch a piece of code.

Tech Times reached out to Instagram for a comment on this story but declined to comment.

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