Unlike the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung continues to keep the Note 9 under wraps. However, a new leak confirms its button placements and more.

Too Many Leaks Spoiled The Surprise

Most industry analysts attribute the dismal sales of the S9 and S9+ to the substantial number of leaks before its official debut. Prior to its launch, a lot of consumers felt that it had too many similarities with its predecessor without any remarkable features to make it stand out.

Now, the company places all its bets on its latest-generation phablet to hopefully attract consumers back to its fold. Most people note that there are hardly any leaks that potentially spoil the surprise, unlike the previous flagship.

However, the freshest one out in the open seems to confirm rumors regarding some of its components and its placement, as well as possibly a new button that suggests something else might be on the way.

Case Cutout Confusion

Ice Universe, a renowned source for tech leaks, posted two images that show the possible camera and biometric sensor placements of the Galaxy Note 9. Moreover, a closer inspection of the photos reveals that the new Samsung flagship might showcase a new component along with new features.

One of the prevailing rumors about the upcoming smartphone is the horizontal placement of its dual-cameras and fingerprint sensor. However, judging by the cutout of the case, it creates more speculation about what could be included with the phablet. First of all, it looks like all hopes of an under-display fingerprint sensor are no longer applicable.

As suggested by the size of the cutout, the manufacturer could fit the fingerprint reader and optical heart rate sensor into the top portion alongside the main camera. This is possible and could mean that the lower cutout could be for an unknown component. Another theory suggests that the upper cutout is intended for the camera and flash module, while the bottom portion will house all the biometric sensors.

A Surprising Extra

Another notable detail about the leaked case design for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the number of buttons. Previous models saw the addition of a fourth button for the company's own Bixby voice assistant. Yet, the leaked images of the upcoming handset's protective cover reveal another new button.

The two photos might have conflicting arrangements as to exact location of the new button, but each one confirms that it does exist. Most consumers are aware of the manufacturer's push to showcase the imaging capabilities of the S9 and S9+. Therefore, it might be doing the same for the Note 9 by introducing a dedicated camera shutter key.

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