Ralph Nader pens an open letter to Apple about its proposed $100 billion stock buyback and suggested a lower price for the iPhone X 2.

Things Not Looking Good For Apple

According to the letter from the ex-presidential candidate, he pointed out that the company was being lazy when it opted to use the substantial amount of money to appease its investors. It is no secret in the industry that Apple failed to meet its sales expectations with the iPhone X, so, Nader suggests that it might be the tech firm's attempt at damage control.

Furthermore, he noted that these types of actions are usually done by businesses that are in a pinch and out of innovative ideas for product development. Positive PR could have worked better instead of redirecting cash back to its shareholders, as suggested by his letter.

Notable Suggestions For Apple

Nader further cited other actions the manufacturer could take in lieu of a buyback. It includes efforts to reduce the teenagers' obsession and time spent on their smartphones, as well as the improvement of the quality of life of people in the company's supply chain.

Moreover, he proposed that Apple could probably look into a possible price reduction of its products, which most market analysts believe are somewhat overpriced. Otherwise, the same fate might happen to the upcoming iPhone X 2 wherein it will fail to attract buyers due to its overblown retail pricing.

All these suggestions come shortly after a new wave of rumors implied that the next flagship smartphone from the company will carry a retail price of $899, which is $100 cheaper than its predecessor.

Supply Chain Movement

Perhaps due to the ample supply of components and properly-equipped production lines, the price of OLED displays is expected to become cheaper this year. Apparently, several Chinese manufacturers have recently released smartphones with smaller bezels and the familiar notch, which was originally introduced by the iPhone X. Most of these models are now equipped with OLED touch screens, which used to be a premium component given its high costs.

Furthermore, some rumors suggested earlier this year that Apple will halt all production of the iPhone X and instead, focus its efforts on its successor. In the meantime, supply chain insiders reveal that OLED production for the next iOS flagship phone will begin earlier than expected. According to speculations, Samsung already prepped its assembly lines to start ahead of the anticipated schedule.

Based on all of the given factors, chances are that the iPhone X 2 will be $100 cheaper than the previous model.

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